Food Radicals

About Us

Hey readers,

We think it is always best to be transparent about the contributions on the blog and who are the persons behind it. Therefore, brief introductions about the bloggers behind FoodRad is mentioned below for your happy reading –

Vikrant Yadav is a Delhite, based out of Bengaluru; a Scientist (Aerospace) by profession and a food blogger by passion. Instagram

“Having an established Zomato profile with Level 13 (if only there were more), through this blog we intend to share culinary experiences from eateries and bars in Pan Indian cities gained through our personal visits. We are trying to showcase the select best restaurants in India, which you can scooch in your schedule when you are travelling to any of the listed cities, or are a resident in any of the listed cities. The posts are a first hand experience based on our visits to the restaurants covered”

The write-ups aim to cover every important aspect of a restaurant that suggests you to decide about visiting the place. We hope to deliver you with an enriching experience ranging from high end places to even the decent ones. We are glad if you have reached this space of our blog, and we certainly would be more grateful if you could spread the word.

Happy eating, happy reading,



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