An exquisite Bohri Shahi Dawat was being served at welcome hotel where chef rehana has refashioned the decadent ancient middle eastern cuisine with distinct bohri techniques in an elaborate thaal, that renders a community dining experience when shared by many members on the table.

The Bohra community believes in community eating (strengthening traits like unity, equality and sharing), where the food is served in a huge thaal.

The Bohri Shahi Dawat can be tried through a prior intimation, as a home dining concept, through Chef Rehana.

The youngest member sharing the thaal initiates the dining experience by offering salt to all the other members that warms up the palette.
Then comes the sweet touch of Anjeer Halwa followed by various starters and mains –
Bohri Masala Alloo
Sheer Kurma
Smoked chicken samosa
Bohri Fried Chicken
Smoked Raan in Red Masala
Bohri Mutton Biryani
Mutton Dabba Gosht
Boondi Raita

REHANA is a hard core Mumbaikar and brought up in Central Mumbai of Bohri Maholla in a joint family. The urge to showcase Bohri cuisine to the world became so intense she decided to open up a home dining experience called the Bohri thal where she serves her unique cuisine and traditions to the visiting guests with love and care.