My lunching experience here at Slo food Co. 2 was a rather exquisite one. The restaurant uses all organic ingredients that are sourced from within 200kms around the main city and hence ensures fresh produce, strengthening their commitment to sustainability. Also they employ the goodness of slow cooking age-old techniques like Dum Phukt cooking, Brass,

and Earthenware, Sous Vide cooking, pickling and lots more to ensure healthy and delicious food.

There are over a 160 dishes available in the menu, and they cater for needs of all, veg to non veg, Jains and even vegans. They don’t not use plain sugar, but use honey, jaggery or palm sugar as substitutes. Their food is low in cream and butter and nowhere there is a compromise on taste. Cold pressed oils are used which doesn’t make it feel heavy and keeps it natural and clean. A lot of superfoods are put in most dishes making it a super healthy affair.

My meal started with Bacardi infused watermelon and feta salad that was placed on a Himalayan pink salt ice brick, on which the watermelon chunk had to be swiftly moved and then eaten, ensuring a unique salty touch which is pure bliss and yes very healthy.

Micrigreen salad had 7 ingredients with ACV, honey and lime dressing, making it feel super fresh and rich with goodness.

Kumbalakayi tenginakayi soup was a roasted pumpkin soup with hints of lemon grass and was a real cleanser, very comforting.

Changezi murgh chaap was presented in a three wheeler presentation prop and had requisite tenderness, beautifully grilled and had marination of katha paste and yoghurt cream.

Silbatta lamb kebab had mortar minced kebab, very soft , kept inside taco shells and served with indianised version of salsa and Simla mirch salad. Was presented in the most unique manner, in an aircraft prop.

Bharwan aloo patohar was filled with cottage cheese , nuts and vegetables and cooked beautifully in a tandoor. Dahi aur rye ke Sholay had stuffing of prunes with major cardamom touch and was slow cooked on a hot brass plate. Tasted really amazing and not over shallow fried.

In mains, we tried the Karnataka special Kori gassi murgh served with ragi roti, real good combination and subtle gravy with tender chicken. Martaban ghost was served with egg parathas, the gravy was super rich and had a lasting taste, and very very tender. Dal makhani won my heart, in a city where it’s difficult to find the right one, here I found it much authentic. Had this with missi roti.

Finally in desserts, had the amazing Rasmalai tiramisu that was served with burnt feast and orange marmalade. All the three taken together was indeed a party in the mouth.

Garma garam peshkash consisted of my favorite badam halwa along with thirunevalli halwa, both rich in flavour and aptly sweet.

Finally the thanda dessert sampler was a super spread. It had poached saffron pears that were to be taken with key lime shrikhand, the sourness of shrikhand with sweetness of pears was a fun blend. After this the petha galouri having gulkhand was taken which left a long lasting flavour.

Not to forget the beautifully prepared bibinca served with coconut ice cream and pepper jelly.

The place is beautiful, having a unique design and setup, not a regular rectangular or circular one. One wouldn’t be able to see the other corners and hence will focus on own food. The service is amazing, the staff is well groomed and ensured us a nice time. Pricing is towards higher expensive side, keeping in line with other fine dine brands serving organic food.

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