Malties, one of the brands part of Radisson blu’s culinary space, is a resto-bar that serves its patrons a vivid range of liquor accompanied with lip smacking bar bites from the global cuisine. They have a fine variety of malts, spirits, wines and brews from all across the globe and have curated some unique signature cocktails where apart from the premium liquors, a good innovative mix of ingredients go in. Malties is one of the rare brands that has a PREMIUM HAPPY HOUR daily from 5pm to 8pm on all the premium brands as well as regular ones.

This is a fine dining space with a limited seating and a small bar counter. Next to the counter is placed their high end malt – LOUIS XIII from Rèmy Martin in a concealed lit glass cabinet. A decent central chandelier provied some glow in the otherwise dark ambience.

The seating is all couch based and very comfortable. There is a wine cellar on the wall opposite to the bar counter featuring all high end wines. Cozy music is played and the place is very apt to hop in, sip exotic malts and relish on delicious bar bites for comfortable durations.


°Campletown drawn°
This beautiful drink was served in a martini glass and was a blend of gentleman jack with sweet and sour and orange marmalade. The real essence lies in sipping it later by layer which renders the sober fruity taste at the beginning slowly transitioning to the alcohol flavor.

°Lowland river°
Served in a hurricane glass with pineapple garnish, this drink had crushed ice in a mix of pineapple sour, blue Curacao and scotch. It tasted absolutely great and furnished apt pineapple touch.

°Scottish sour°
Served in a old fashioned glass with orange garnish, this was the more spiked and on the bitter side drink made from campari and bowmore single malt whisky. A good try.

°Royal jewel°
Favorite from the lot, thanks to the litchi touch, this drink has cherry Brandy, vodka, lime and litchi juice mixed to perfection.

°Tri color chicken tikka°
Three variants, namely chicken tikka, Malai tikka and hariyali tikka were served all together, two from each type over a kindle flame and with homely coriander mint chutney. The marinating was done well with spices furnishing the apt flavors. The chicken pieces were tender and grilled well.

°Spinach and mushroom cheese tart°
This beautiful preparation had sweet tarts topped with well cooked spinach and mushroom mix with hint of spices and further laden with cheese. Absolutely delicious.

°Exotic Charcuterie platter°
Pepperoni, chorizo and Parma ham, all variants spiced up well and beautifully presented in three glasses, this dish is the fast running variety here and a must try for bacon lovers.

Being a part of a high end hotel, serving premium drinks and finely curated dishes, the costing is towards the higher side. Service is commendable. The staff greeted us with joined hands at the entrance and ensured us a comfortable dining experience. The knowledge about drinks and dishes was intact with the servers and any small requests were well addressed to by them.

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