Kopper Kadai is a truly delightful North indian cuisine restaurant, specialising in mughlai and Punjabi dishes with a quirky Delhi touch , visible in their menu. Me being a delhiite was overwhelmed at the menu, the food taste and presentation. The cooker mei kukkad dish took me to back to the home style chicken I used to savor at home in Delhi and would really commend kopper Kadai on it.

The seating is comfortable and colourful, with blue and pink couches. The walls are decorated with amazing design work and ceilings are eye catchy. The glasses are royal copper like and lighting is medium. The buffet centre has beautiful half lid opening kind containers. There is also a unique straight chandelier with spoons. Overall the apt ambience for a fine dine.


°Mango lassi°
The mango lassi served in a small milk container shaped glass over a truck, called lassi on the rocks, was splendid. Great mango flavor in nice consistency lassi.

°Kiwi shake°
I love kiwi shakes and this was no less good. Rimmed with salt, the shake felt fresh and rejuvenating.

°Wake up punjab°
Another fresh drink with major cucumber flavor, this was a foamy drink served in a copper large handle mug.

°Challi kolmi pasht°
One of the best vegetarian starters I have had in such a long time. With crispy mesh outer covering, this had stuffing of corn, potato and cottage cheese and with a bread stick to support, overall giving it a chicken leg piece look. Must try here.

°Peri Peri chicken°
For starters , we had Peri Peri chicken tikka served beautifully on a long vertical seekh. It tasted great and pieces were soft and tender, not very juicy but amazing to try.

°Dahi k seekh°
Dahi k seekh were also good, served on a rice base and tasted very sober.
The green and red sauces served along side were great as well.

°Ameenabad k galouti kebab°
Smoky galouti kebab bit hard on the outside and tender soft inside, these were savory with a good mix of spices.

°Paneer tikka pani puri°
With minced stuffing and accompanying paneer tikka piece on top, this was a real good fusion dish served with regular coriander mint water.

°Cooker mei kukkad°
Finally the main course was the limelight for me. Called cooker mei kukkad, chicken curry was served in a steel cooker, pressure of which was released in front of us by the waiter and he served the extremely thin and delicious gravy with overall 4 chicken bone pieces. It had all the heat and taste one expects from chicken curry. The paranthas were soft and delicious as well.

°Rara chicken°
This was another great try, with tender chicken pieces and adequate quantity of minced chicken. It had a blend of spices and a bit on the oily side.

°Verka Singh’s paneer°
Soft tender paneer in a chunky pepper sauce that had overpowering tomato flavor, this was a decent try.

°Choor choor chicken naan°
Not the regular choor choor naan but simply minced chicken filled naan , the stuffing was masaledar and overall it was a great try.

°Nutella dodha lava°
Tired of Choco lava cake? This is the Indian version with our favorite dodha barfi filled in the centre with Nutella and lined with rabri. Didn’t look very appealing presentation wise, but tasted splendid.

°Gulab Jamun biskit°
Regular gulab Jamun dipped in rabri and surrounded by cookie crumbe is another dessert fusion. The whole soily touch with gulab Jamun was appealing.

Service is excellent. The waiters suggested us, enquired about the taste of the food and were always available at our dispense. Place is medium expensive in line with other fine dining restaurant standards.