Habanero is one of the leading brands when it comes to partying at Baga. Situated a bit astray the milky way road with decent amount of parking, Habanero is the only microbrewery in whole of goa, and serves, apart from pilsner and lager, a unique mango based brew that I have never tried anywhere else. However the taste was regular, like a wheat beer, but nevertheless it was a good brew.

The place serves Mexican cuisine majorly which is something rare to find in goa with such a fine preparation. Extremely elated to find it running in the transitioning season, September.


The Brew containers are concealed in a room with a window, located right behind the the dance floor/stage.

As you enter Habanero, it greets you with a very cozy ambience, full of wooden chairs and tables, beautiful wall grafitis, colorful lamps and trees standing right inside the restaurant in good number.
The ceiling is basically a tin sheet to protect from rains, and electric fans are placed to provide necessary convection. We were a bit troubled by the mosquitos but habanero was aware of this issue and hence they have placed mosquito coils at various locations.

The seating is extended to one more floor.
For the amusement of the crowd, they provide Mexican styled hats to be worn by patrons. We clicked a lot of pictures wearing the same.

°Chicken Mexican burger°
This was a classic speacialty, it was topped with guacamole, salsa and the beautiful and generously put sour cream over the grilled tender chicken patty. This was my favorite try there. It was served with fries , so fresh that even after an hour, they didn’t turn soggy.

°Paneer burrito°
Served with semi dry and well spiced kidney beans as well as flavored fried rice, the burrito was wrapped in a thick tortilla filled with juicy paneer and veggie mix, further blended with grated cheese and topped with pesto, sour cream and jalapeno. It was really good and I was happy that they prepared the vegetarian version so well.

°Grilled vegetables skewer fajita°
This was a very interesting try. Two tortillas were provided with three sauces – pesto, sour cream and salsa along with grilled veggies skewer in a sizzler hot plate. The hot plate also had mashed kidney beans and fried rice. All these ingredients have to be placed on the tortillas and then wrapped in a predefined manner specified in the menu and cherished. It was a great try as well and a real Mexican dish.

Medium expensive place, not very costly. Service is at par with the great food, well trained and groomed staff in uniform, taking good care of us and ensuring us a fine culinary experience.

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