Located on the busy Lavelle road restaurant market, Eat Water is a Bengali cuisine restaurant, not the authentic one , but with fusion and Innovation evident in the unimaginable delicacies they serve, be it bitter gourd or shukhto. I have always enjoyed Bengali cuisine thanks to the dense flavours rendered while preparation. I visited Eat water (or as we sat in a funny way ‘paani khao’) last weekend to experience the specialties and was indeed left with a good experience.

Eat water has a menu, slightly easy to comprehend as compared to other Bong menus, and has a lot of fusion items. The real essence lies in the fact that they convert conventional not-so-loved dishes to delicious ones, the healthy bitter ones to healthy lip-smacking ones.

The place is a fine dine, located on first floor of a building. At the entry we are greeted by a man-chariot. There is a waiting area next to it.
The place is elegant, I loved the blue and white comfortable seating. Frames decorate the wall and bamboo greenry follow the window-wall seating. The place is not that big but spacious. Regular to long table seating, all are available. Kitchen is visible to the patrons.

They let you start with a waiting platter consisting of two veg and two non veg dips, with mathri and banana chips as munch one. I loved the shrimp based dip and then the kosha one.
The aubergine dip rendered a tingling touch to the tongue and finally the mustard based dip, all nicely prepared.

°Shukto soup°
This was a shukto mousse with fried lentil dumplings, my one of most loved soups. Shukto is not a famous restaurant dish, but more of a home dish with mix veggies and subsequent bitterness. Eat water Sevres it in its most beautiful way, creamy and with high consistency and served with fried bora or crumbs of fried dal pakoda.

°Veg Chop platter °
This platter had a jackfruit based fried patty, a potato based , a raw mango one and my favourite kurkuri bhindi. All items were suttle in flavours and suited for all. There was another chaat list item, the fuchka or as I say gol gappa with regular chaat sauces and sev.

°Veg Bora Platter °
Well this was essentially my tea time pakoda platter, with daal pakoda, palak methi pakoda and others, served with green and mustard based sauces. Crispiness varied.

°Non veg chop platter°
This was an assortment of crispy patties, from chicken, spicy mutton to prawns and fish. Really juicy and succulent.

°Bitter and blossoms°
Fried bitter gourd stuffed with mashed banana flour, this didn’t render much bitterness, rather was a total delight.

°Dum aloo°
Served in a gravy, dum aloo consisted of big prices of potato in a spicy mix. It went really well with the luchis.

°Moong dal°
A sober touch to our meal, not very spicy but with a gentle flavour, could be customised as per needs of the customer.

°The kosha°
Real dark gravy and big chunks of mutton, this was a traditional and authentic take of kosha mutton, with extremely masaledar gravy and slow cooked mutton. Must try.

Luchis, mustard based rice and steamed rice were the basic staples we tried.

°Baked roshogulla°
The mewa and condensed milk combo with soft roshogulla was the perfect ending to our meal.

The place is very economical, not at all heavy on the pocket. Service is good with all nicely dressed staff, trained well and courteous.