Our top destination on 12th main, Ciclo Cafe, keeps coming up with plethora of events and deals to keep us and our taste buds engaged. After a cherishing and rejuvenating experience at the ‘Breakfast at 99’ introduced by Ciclo, we could not be more excited to try the on-going World Pizza fest.

The wholesome cafe serves not only lip-smacking food and beverages along with fine cocktails, but also provides its loyal patrons with cycling related gears and accessories.
Been riding for long? Tired and got your ride worn out?

Just come to ciclo, give your bike in the basement mechanic shop and hope into the fine dine space to have one of the best culinary experience you could ever imagine. I am a loyal visitor to Ciclo, only because none of my visits or orders here have given me any regret. Ciclo understands its guests and ensures to modify prices, mostly towards the lower side and also have interactive events to provide a unique experience at this award-winning space.

In the on-going pizza festival, 4 international varieties are served in both veg and non veg variants. The festival is live from 1st August till 31st August.

Starting from my favourite try here,
*Italian calzone*
Tried the spinach, mushroom and corn variant. Beautiful preparation, the cover looked absolutely amazing and well baked. The filling was hot shredded juicy spinach with well coocked mushroom and good number of my favourite corn.


Also the black pepper chicken and cilantro, this had base of cilantro sauce and loaded with peppery chicken chunks and diced veggies, another amazing try.

*Hungarian Langos*
Cajun Chicken
This had a deep fried base topped with superbly whipped sour cream and shredded cheese. The shredded cheese rendered a beautiful taste and texture as well has the cajun chicken chunks were cooked well and tender.


*Turkish Lahmajoun*
Minced chicken variant had keema chicken topping in abundance with an extremely thin crust, served with a beautiful garnishing. Since Keema goes well with lemony tangy touch, Ciclo is smart enough to present a beautifully cut lemon on top of the pizza.


*Japanese Okonomiyaki*
This was a Japanese style crepe made of cabbage, spring onion and bok choy, cooked to tender textured base, was topped with mozzarella and mushroom sauce. Another great innovative try.


We ended this fine culinary venture with so many amazing desserts, which no-doubt are the signature of Ciclo.


Panna Cotta – The charocal based panna cotta with mango and chia infusion, amazing.
Tiramisu, one of the finest and more authentic I have tired so far.
Flourless fudge, ganache cake, hazelnut tarte, brownie cheese cake and salted caramel, nothing better could conclude our dining here at Ciclo.