With plethora of software applications pertaining to food and related services running in all the major metros of the country, it becomes a hassle to decide which one to actually download and use. The applications involve platforms to review the various restaurants or hotels, discuss events or showcase running deals and offers, provide delivery of food to doorstep at range of delivery charges and with deals, as well providing a tool to reserve a table for yourself without having to wait in long queues or sipping your beer at the bar counter.

It becomes really challenging which media application to trust that will not suck out your hard-earned money or make you miss the possible deals. Certain deals on certain apps help you decide on a place to visit or choose a place to order food from for delivery. Certain applications ask you a token amount for reserving your table while others do it for free. Certain applications are too harsh on your reviewing and biased that your feedback might never make it to the feedback board whilst others respect genuinity and ensure your grievances as well as appreciation both are heard.

Got Table comes to the rescue.


This is a platform with a curated list of restaurants that people actually prefer and love to visit and not loaded with restaurants from every corner of the street in the town. Helps save time figuring out where to eat, doesn’t it?


It displays running offers and deals, even multiple of them at the restaurants so that one can decide and visit the place to avail the deal that suits them. Not only this, it also lists out special events and performances taking place at the place. How can GOT make it even more fascinating? By ensuring you receive every launched deal or offer as a notification on your phone from your preferred restaurants or otherwise, depending on the type of setting you choose.


It also envisages the delivery option as well as take away option from various places. Well take away option is something i have never come across anywhere on any existing app.


Finally helping you avoid the queues, it provides the tool for reserving table for upto 12 people at once at any preferred place and ensures you dine with peace with your loved ones at your preferred place.

Key features not to miss are that its extreme user friendliness and real time geo location results, so that whenever you are hungry and stranded, just put on your gps and start reserving/ordering. Finally the loyalty and reward programs that ensures its loyal patrons are well appraised for their justified use of the app and its services.


How to install for android?
App Download Link – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gottable.empulse.india

Also available for iOS.
Website – https://www.gottable.in/