We all love to start our day with a hearty meal, a breakfast that is loaded with healthy calories and with a taste we could either relate to our homeland or find delight in. Bangalore is a big cosmopolitan and finding the desired dish as well as the taste that we have grown up eating and relishing, is a true hassle. The breakfasts I get to try here are mostly the regular south Indian or non-authentic trials of the pan India dishes.

Our all time favourite Ciclo Cafe has recently launched its Breakfast menu, special highlight being the curated Brekky menu with each item priced at 99 INR.


Ciclo is located on 12th main in Indiranagar and is one of the leading brands in Bangalore for fine dining experiences. The place is a themed cafe displaying everything possible in the world of Cycling. Not only does it showcase various bicycles, but also provide the same for renting as well as purchase, prices ranging from 9k to 2.5 lakh INR. Also available are various gears and accessories pertaining to bicycles and cycling enhancing experiences. There is a mechanic shop available at the basement for overhaul purpose while the patrons relish lip-smaking food.

The ambience is no doubt top-notch, with chandeliers made from cycle chains and well light up. Graffiti that glow in dark as well as a reading room, all are available. There are regular long tables to homely spaces available that ensures everyone dines in the best possible atmosphere to suit their mood.

Ciclo Team Racing (CTR) is India’s only elite amateur racing team, representing the country in various international tournaments and making the nation proud. Naveen John and Arvind Panwar are the two main hardcore cyclists in the Team, who have revolutionised the cycling culture in the country. All thanks to Mr.Ashish Thandani, CEO  of Ciclo cafe, who is responsible for this team bringing various accreditation to the country.

Our breakfast was well thought of  and a healthy and innovative one with dishes ranging pan India.

We started with

*Hazelnut Brew*
One of the best flavor rendering brews that I have tried so far, really well prepared and served with variants of sugar for health conscious.


Tried the best tasting green tea and Darjeeling tea, both served as tea bags in cups with hot water in china kettle. Milk was additionally provided to compliment the Darjeeling Tea. Being a fitness enthusiast, I personally admired the Green tea and was elated to start my day with such a healthy beverage.

*Activated Charcoal watermelon*
Served in a glass bottle, completely black in look due to presence of activated charcoal, this drink furnished proper watermelon flavor with imbibed freshness.


*Hot Chocolate*
This beverage was a true delight, presented beautifully with a pattern of hot chocolate on top of regular mocha, great in taste and smell.


Coming to the food items, we ordered

*Plain Waffles*
Possibly the best waffles ever I tried. The maple syrup had the right consistency and whipped cream was served along, The waffles had apt sweetness and not overdone, crispness was superb and every bite was relishing.

*Plain Pancakes*
The healthy version, these were Ragi Pancakes served similarly with maple syrup and whipped cream.

*Choice of eggs*
Scrambled, omelette and fried were the available variants, served with brown bread toasts, hash brown and grilled tomato. Adequate greens and as little as possible spices were added in the scrambled eggs, omelette done well with centre cheese layering and sunny side up was peppered well.

*Batata Poha*
Poha was prepared the authentic way, had sautéed peanuts and good amount of curry leaves, low in salt content to ensure it doesnt ruin anyone’s palette and salt cellars were available to help suit the taste accordingly.


*Marathi Sabudana vada*
These were crispy sabudana tikkis with internal stuffing of sabudana and potato mix, masaledar and our favourite brekky snack, served with coriander-curd sauce.

*Anda bhurji with pav*
Served with mini pavs, excellently prepared mildly spicy and hot anda burji was a real delight. It has adequate greens mixed and rendered a sober yet spicy flavor.

All these items are part of the 99 INR brekky menu, excluding the beverages. Complimentary, YES, complimentary regular Tea and Coffee are provided with serving the mentioned Brekky items.

Ciclo has a well trained staff, all well acquainted with the menu and preparation, guiding well and very attentive to all our needs.

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