Peeps in Yeshwantpur are up for a treat, Cinders rooftop barbeque has undergone a major revamp by refurbishing its ambience and diversifying its menu. Located on the terrace of Comforts Inn Insys hotel, this place ensures its patrons relish some mouth watering and lip smacking delicacies in the cool windy ambience of the terrace, which is sometimes so high in pace, you may wanna hold on to that cocktail glass of yours.
Not only that, how about a pool party? This unique place features a pool with a fountain that gives a very blue hue to the place with a royal touch, and occassional pool party events keep happening.

As already mentioned, the pool is the gem feature, complimented with a decent fountain. The natural high wind is another personal trait, thanks to its placement at 6th storey of the building. A base lit dance floor is situated next to the pool. The DJ console plays the most awesome playlist I can ask for. Seating is decent in number and spread around the pool and on high terrace. It has mashed plastic fibre base and glass topped tables.

The most scintillating feature? The overview of the city from the place. Could see all prominent buildings from here, almost whole of Yeshwantpur, and truly a mesmerizing view. No wonder how beautiful this place looks during evenings.


°Gol Gappe/Pani puri°
The water was no regular jaljeera, but the real gol gappe wala Pani which I have been missing for quite a while now. The stuffing was regular minced veggies and mashed potatoe with onion and the overall impression was good.

°Papdi chaat and tikki chaat°
These two items brought a huge smile on my face. I have never tasted any chaat in Bangalore was so close to the authentic North Indian chaat taste as these items were, and we specially called the chef to compliment him for reuniting me homesick delhiite with my home chaat taste. The tikki was tender and all tamarind , green and sweet curd sauces were prepared well. Both were topped with thin sev.

°Chilli paneer°
Why I liked it was cz it was less liquidy in touch and appeal and more dry and crunchy. It had the right flavour, but on a sober side and I would totally recommend this dish.

°Ghee roast chicken°
The ghee flavour came out well and tender chicken was roasted well.


The choco chip muffins were the favourite. Soft and light sweetish. Sweetened casserole were a delight with central pudding touch and regular casserole were decent.

The salad platter consisted of fussilli salad, corn salad- my fav, aloo-papdi salad, regular veggies and so on.

Vada, soft idlis and sambar were in one basket. Next to it was regular chicken sausages and Salamis, light sauteéd.

An assortment of various English and french breads with soup sticks was available on a rack and Vegetables as decor in baskets.

Delicious scrambled eggs and saucy beans were available in another metal container and were a healthy hit for me.


Chicken dum biryani was excellent, I really loved it and fried onion as well as masala was well mixed in. Raita was served along.

Chicken handi was soft and tender , full of long and onion layers and a sober yet succulent gravy. Must try.

Butter braised lamb was again a tender affair, fully immersed in mushroom sauce. I really admired it.

Paneer khurchan was another delight, soft pieces with full flavour well infused.
Nirali sabzi was regular mixed veg, but semi dry with a yellow gravy. I liked its preparation.

Other items included ratatouille, Thai green curry with baby corn and herb potato.

Singapore noodles and veggies in corriander sauce represented the Asian front of cuisine, were prepared well.

Dal amritsari was a delight and put along side veg dum biryani and regular steamed rice.


Chocolate cup with white chocolate inside was excellent.
Mille fuille in that tiny size was a delight, nice crunchy waffer and creamy inside.

White chocolate brownie and red velvet pastry were also available, but needed improvement. And dark chocolate mousse was heavenly.

Finally the splendid gulab jamun topped with cherry and another spongy roshogulla.


Delicious and crisp macaroons, in six different Colors and two with centre filling of chocolate were the show stoppers.

°Cinders iced tea°
Rum, gin and vodka based drink with blue Curacao and sprite. Was personal favourite here. Spiked the best among all.

°Long island iced tea°
Was regular five spirit LIIT and prepared with apt spike.

°chameleon strawberry bliss°
With Malibu rum, this had strawberry and cranberry juice blend and was more like a mocktail, could be spiked better.

°Whisky sour°
Was prepared well with not any pungent egg white, and decently spiked whisky sour mix.

°Sex on the beach°
Beautiful presented with layers of red, orange and yellow, this was spiked well and an absolute delight.

Other bartender’s specials were-

Whisky orange-peach cocktail.

Mango Margherita with tequila base, a truly Innovative drink with mesmerized us all.

Pani Puri vodka. Really? Who would have thought Pani Puri could be fused with vodka and made into this tangy indian cocktail. Excellent.

Tedi Medi Mary was bell pepper and corriander based drink with vodka base.

And finally guava chilli, the all time favourite.

Finally how to miss out traditional favorites-

°Masala chai°- super cutting chai served in cutting glass, bringing those memories of yore. Milk was rich and thick and overall this was a personal favourite of the visit.

°Lassi°– with medium consistency, this was prepared really well with apt sweetness. Was served in a clay pot glass.


Service was excellent, all the staff, chefs and sous-chef were all well dressed and courteous.
Staff was in good number and all attentive to our needs. The drinks are very economical whole food is medium expensive. Overall a great place and I would love to visit again.

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