Sarjapur is slowly picking up and becoming one of the top sought party destinations in Bangalore, thanks to many high-end pubs and breweries coming up or doing a total revamp to suit the party needs of the cosmopolitan. One such revamp took place at Rural Blues- The resto-bar. This fairly large and beautiful place is often compared to Santorini. Well Santorini has its own charm and so does Rural Blues, it is unique and furnishes a soothing ambience, not seen before anywhere in Bangalore. Rural blues has been running for quite a while now and doing really well, but they have gone for a total make over and reworked their menu, many delicacies of which I got to try and acknowledged the hard work and thought gone in making this place more happening.

The place has an overall blue-white tinge, hence Santorini. The entry pavement leads to the front desk on either side of which there is an entry. One entry leads to indoor seating while other to the outdoor seating. Also there is another outdoor seating, the most beautiful one towards the right side that is led through the Indoor hall.

When you enter the hall, there is a relatively small yet elegant bar counter towards the left. The seating here is mixed, couch based as well as chair based with cushion base. Seating is available for group as well as couples.

This hallway seating leads to an outer seating on both the sides, we took place on the right one. Some portion is covered while other at the mercy of weather. Beautiful blossoming white and pink flowers run along the walls and blue wooden pane windows are placed evenly on white walls. The place is lush green with vegetation in every sight.

There is a small water channel with fishes inside and one dual pot fountain, truly elegant. They have mist fans in place to beat the heat. On the other side outer seating, along with regular seating, they have one level up place also available to accommodate guests.


°Beer nuts°
One cannot ask for a better bar snack, such amazing masaledar walnuts and cashew nuts along with lotus puffs, they could beat any course meal and go all the way with my craft beer or cocktail.


°Missal Pav°
This was a spicy vegetarian try, had thick sev and black chick peas inside, along with lots of onion and coriander, and light consistency gravy. Was a decent dish. Served with two sets of pav.


°chicken tikka°
Marination was top-notch rendering good flavor, with tandoor touch evident and was served with spiced up onion and green chutney.

°chilli broccoli°
This was a decent affair, like usual English vegetables, this was also semi boiled and laden with cheese, served with chutney.


°Pudina wale dahi ke kebad°
This is a must try for vegetarians, nice soft and not over-fried hung curd kebab flavored with mint and served with green chutney.


°Black beer chicken°
I really admired this fried marinated chicken , especially with the flavored mayo dip served along.


°Ghee rice°
This was a real good blend of soft well boiled rice with desi ghee, flavor of which came out well. Was topped with fried onion and mixed with sauteéd cashew and cardamom.


°Kolkata kacche ghosht biryan
So this was a succulent affair, I loved this biryani, even though I am not a fan of mutton biryani. Masala was mixed well and flavour furnished adequately. Was basically long grained rice and had mix of dry fruits.


°Butter Chicken°
So this was a sober affair, not very sweet and had an evident flavor. It’s difficult to get the authentic taste of butter chicken in Bangalore, this does try to pass near to it. I personally admired it.


°Amritsari Kulcha°
Amritsari kulcha was real big and heavy and stuffed well with potato base and veggies.


°Hyderabadi Dal ghosht°
This was a new try for me and I admired it to the fullest. This was mutton cooked with yellow chickpea lentil and had an amazing taste. Mutton could have been softer but the dal made up for it.


°Shahi paneer°
This was a true delight and very authentic in taste. I was elated to have tasted such good paneer dish after so long.

°Rasmalai with motichoor ladoo°
Can we ask for anything better? I certainly cannot. Such innovative approach to all my favourite sweets, rasmalai, motichoor ladoo and also a gulab jamun to compliment, placed beautifully on the plate and looked colourful as well as tasted heavenly.


°Red velvet with mascarpone cheese°
So the mascarpone cheese did all the work here and made the beautiful spongy red velvet a good try.


°Trio of creme brule°
Beautiful presented trio of Creme Brule, had three different flavored custard with caramelized top. Flavours like coffee and chocolate were available. This was further topped with a lightly garnished biscuit.


°Arabic baklava with ice cream°
This was crunchy dry fruit filled filo dough layers well sweetened and hardened to give the noise while munching. Served it ice cream, excellent dessert.


°Doodh wala cake°
So this was a regular Tres leches and was a decent try.


°Mr and Mrs Bleu°
Flaming and romantic, this was a vodka based drink with elder flower and had evident flavor of apple juice and watermelon. Worth a try.


°Torturous Affection°
Rural blues does know how to make a fine mango flavoured cocktail. This had tequila base and spiked up well. Guava touch was also furnished well.


°Weiss guy°
Craft beer, a good try. Mildly bitter and mildly alcoholic. There were higher alcohol content versions also available.

Tried jagerbomb, B-52, dark and horny, hot lip and cactus Jack. All had tasted and bitterness as their names demanded and well all great to try. Jagerbomb was an exciting try though, mixed with red bull.

The place is not at all expensive and towards being economical side. Service is top-notch. Chef greeted us several time and took feedbacks. Staff was attentive and courteous, ensured a warm hospitality.

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