Sarjapur road welcomes its brand new party destination, The Rig BrewPub, located next to Wipro corporate office and very near to giants like big brewsky and Hoot. I had an exquisite experience due to delicious concoction of out of the box dishes and lovely hospitality rendered by the staff and manager. The Rig endorses a large brewery section clearly visible through glass panes, has a lavish hall with high ceiling and multiple seating sections, adjoining greenery and an exorbitant entry. The DJ console is proper and ensured we didn’t leave with few moves on the dance floor. I feel The Rig has everything it needs to be a successful pub in such a famous vicinity and I definitely intend to visit again.

The place is massive. It has a lavish entry that leads to a stairway to first floor where the restaurant starts. Within, we come across two more floors as part of the pub. The hall is massive and has a high ceiling, shared by other floors as well. There is a balcony seating on the first floor and third floor that overlooks beautiful greens.

The DJ console is located on the 2nd floor which has minimal seating, the one-sided kind. The third floor balcony had one sided kind seating overlooking the greenery while first floor balcony seating has ample seating, first with long tables having one side as cemented wall seating and other with high chairs and round tables.
The third floor displays a rather more lavish and rich seating with couple seating having big couches and group seating also with another set of long couches.

Finally the first floor has a very long table which can be effectively used for corporate dining as well as separated to accommodate guests. Chairs are basically wooden stools or benches. Other seating is having metallic chairs and wooden tables, with a colored texture. The bar counter looks regular and decent. Behind the DJ console is a decor of colourful window frames on the wall with a pale paint colour.


°Just rushin°
I admired this black grapefruit vodka based cocktail, was topped with grapes and had a good flavor with apt touch of vodka.

°Big boy basil°
The most handsome drink at this place, served in a bulb glass kept over another ice filled glass with blue hue and pomegranate seeds. It has evident flavor of basil in raspberry and vodka blend.

Had major flavor of pineapple and intends to relish the paan touch. Had saffron and honey blend and is a whiskey based drink. A good order.

°Wake me up°
A beautifully garnished drink with a sun styled lemon. Had mix of vanilla and lime juice in white wine base. A good try.

Banana shake kind of mocktail with roasted nuts and infused ice cream, being a regular to banana shakes, I adored the drink and non regulars will as well.

°Chocolate coffin°
More with milk and cream and enough chocolate to not make it brownish, this was a chocolate brownie and hazelnut shake.

°Proud Mary°
A decent mocktail with evident watermelon flavor and blend of lime and orange juice.

°Rig passion princess°
Another beautiful and colorful drink with layers of passion fruit syrup, lime and orange juice and blend of red wine and vodka.

°Craft beer°
Admired the hefeweizen, cyder and saison. Had decent bitterness and the alcohol levels were mentioned on a chalk board. In all there were 5 in-house brews including the Stout and IPA.

°The rig special nachos°
Tried both veg and non veg, served with sour cream. Could have more toppings of kidney beans for veg with more cheese and softer chunks on non veg one. Overall a good bar bite.

°Ranch Mac and cheese balls°
My favorite veg starter here. No jalapeno and completely different in composition, giving a pasta touch with ranch cream infusion and aptly cheesy. Very nicely crispy and we ordered multiple of these.

°Deviled eggs hors D’oeuvres°
So this was regular boiled egg whites having cavity filling done with a paste made with mix of yolk, mustard and spices. A good try.

°Jamaican jerk chicken wings°
Chicken wings with BBQ sauce and roasted well with good grill flavor and tender pieces.

°Pav bhaji°
Not the authentic taste but a good taste, with small buttered buns and served in a decent metal plate.

°Brandy chicken tikka°
So regular chicken tikka were flamed in front of us using Brandy in a snifter glass. The taste of Brandy was evident on soft juicy chicken pieces. Must try.

°Crispy lotus roots°
Delicious sweet chilli sauce topped lotus stem pieces.

°Pepperoni plus pizza°
Nicely pepperoni topped cheesy thin crust pizza, was a delight. Looked even more beautiful due to careful placing of pepperoni.

°Oye Balle Balle°
This was a paneer tikka pizza , looked very beautiful and tempting and rendered true flavor of paneer tikka.

°Double stacked chicken spiced burger°
A multilayered burger with two spicy chicken patties, overall a decent regular burger and nothing extraordinary, served with mayo mix sauce, ketchup and fries.

°Green Asparagus and spinach risotto°
Beautiful presented and every bite rendered a very healthy eating touch due to green hue infused as a result of mix of asparagus and spinach. Served with garlic breads.

°Pesto chicken breast°
So so good. I loved this. The pesto was so well done and full of texture, very well complimented the crispy outer and super soft inner chicken breast. Served with mashed potatoes and spiced veggies. Must order.

°Non veg combo°
Super duper combo, our favorite meal in the entire dining. The right tasting butter chicken with mild sweetness as expected and sober succulent yellow daal, served with naan and spiced up rice and papad. I being a Punjabi approve and recommend this.

°Hyderabadi murgh dum biryani°
Amazing biryani which had super soft well marinated chicken pieces and long grained rice. The masala wasn’t much but overall it was a good try , accompanied with sober salan and raita.

°Zauk e Shahi°
Hands down to one of the best desserts I ever got to try in my life, and possibly ever will. Hats off to the chef for this wonderful innovation. Gulab jamun surrounded by thin crust of chocolate, dipped inside kesar rabri with shahi tukda on sides. Absolutely amazing, with apt sweetness and a wow appeal. Must try.

°Torta de tres leches°
This was a regular sponge cake soaked in milk and tasted decent.

Place is overall medium expensive like all other nearby outlets, and economical in a few varieties. Service is good, staff is well numberd and courteous. All were well dressed and groomed and had good knowledge of the delicacies they served. I will visit again.

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