Azure hospitality ventures into a new concept, a total detox one, providing a wellbeing space and guilt free culinary experience to its patrons, much needed in the rapid and strenuous lifestyle of the Cosmopolitan.
Combining a sober ambience with fine curated gourmet dishes, mimansa ensures one relaxes in a quaint soothing space and enjoys dishes guilt-free made using ancient ayurvedic principles and from locally sourced organic ingredients. Mimansa provides a great variety of vegan, gluten free, dairy free and even sugar free dishes for the health conscious eater. Being a avid gym goer, I am impressed with their incorporation of beetroot, fig and oat based meals in the menu as well as stevia for zero calorie intake, supported with highly detoxifying drinks.


It’s located on the 2nd floor and terrace in the Foxtrot building.
There is an indoor cafe with spacious seating and a terrace garden . Also alongside the cafe, a lifestyle retail boutique shop is established. A playroom studio, mainly aimed for yoga and meditation sessions is in place on one side of the garden terrace. However playroom offer sensory experiences, both physical and intellectual that are available as one-off and member only services. The staircase decorated with paintings and ancient Indian decor curtains leads to this beautiful place.

The indoor cafe has wooden tables and cushion base based chair seating as well as couch seating. Wooden tiling adds the required natural touch. Ceiling pop as well as wall frame paintings are all very simple and quaint white.

The lifestyle retail shop has plethora of natural and ayurvedic commodities like-

Ginger Toffee Sauce
Almond Butter
Cashew Cheese
Crackers of the day
Breads of the day
Granola mix
Raw pastas
Various Teas
They even provide certain herbs and plants to grow at home.

The garden terrace is the most beautiful seating area. Under the umbrella of a gigantic and far spreading tree in the beautiful weather of Bangalore, this space doesn’t need much to render a wholesale natural feel. A very long table is placed for a larger group, a table for four, a raised table with seating for six and a cosy couch based seating. Vertical garden helps a lot with the soothing feel.


Since mixing milk and fruits is not advised, all their smoothies are made using almond milk or coconut milk.

°The perfect pick me up°
This drink was my favourite of all and probably the most desired one as well, being a gym freak. Had banana, date and vanilla.

This was a cocoa based drink having good amount on crushed cashews and dates and mixed in almond milk. Tasted like a choco shake , but a healthy one.

°Digestion Aid°
A decent drink, not easy one to gulp for many. I liked it for its evident pineapple and ginger flavor and healthy corriandr and fennel mix.

°Fresh orange juice°
When you feel the little pulp pieces tingling your tongue and not so sweet juice rendering a refreshing feel, you know it’s organic.

°Masala chai with almond milk°
Very thick consistency hot beverage with apt masala tea flavour, something I never tried before and something worth experimenting.

°White tea and organic tea°
White tea was a delight and organic tea was something tangy and new for me. Admired both.

°Sweet millets porridge°
Probably the healthiest breakfast ever, had cardamom, fig, chia , almond , raisin and apricot minced pieces as toppings. Tasted good and regular.

°Breakfast granola bowl°
Another unique and never seen before breakfast option, this was a puffed amaranth and cranberry fig granola with coconut chia pudding on one side and dry fruits in a bowl, served with almond milk or can be customised.

°Masala millet upma°
Made the traditional way with curry leaves and masala vegetables, not very spicy but succulent in flavour, having base of millets. Presented with a thick green chutney, really good.

°Red Rice Poha°
This was one of the best things I have tried in breakfast. My first encounter with red rice, and that even in Poha form, really amazing and really delicious. Had peanuts and chopped beetroot pieces and served with the green chutney along with buckwheat cracker.

°Ragi idli°
It tasted better than what we anticipated, and sambar was commendable. Such sober and delicious sambar helped a lot with soft idlis.

°Veggie Hash°
This was a regular tikki made of leek , chickpea with sweet potato base , served with scrambled eggs and salad.

°Eggs your way°
Sunny side up and scrambled eggs were ordered as this was a customisable dish, served with absolutely juicy and delicious mushroom hash, house salad and rice bread.

These were buckwheat waffles served with coconut whipped cream, which was a really interesting add on and apple- cinnamon jam and honey. Not very extraordinary in taste, but worth a try.

°Earth bowl°
A colourful and rich bowl filled with roast chicken , carrot and cucumber salad, blanched spinach , millets and absolutely Savory cashew cheese. This is a must try.

°Rosemary chicken°
Roasted chicken served with carrot salad and an absolute delight. Soft and tender, with evident rosemary and roast flavour.

°Carrot halwa and carrot cake°
Carrot halwa was made with ginger-jaggery sauce and oatmeal crumble and furnished all the evident flavours.
Carrot cake was my type, less sweet and with coconut whipped cream, a true delight.


Highly economical is the word to be used. Usual perception and the right perception is that healthy organic and natural things are expensive and when combined with defined preparation and elite presentation, it can lead to a hole in the pocket, as has been my previous experiences. But Mimansa ensured it’s patrons have not only a healthy experience with body and brain, but also a pocket friendly one. Kudos to this.

Service is good. Beautiful waitresses and humble guys, all with a smile on their face and a traditional uniform, knowledgeable and hardworking, this courteous service enriched our experience.

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