Based on the theme of an eco-friendly restaurant, the restaurant commenced its operations in December 2017 at Eros City Square Mall, Sector 49. Situated at 2nd floor, there are sign posts en-route to guide you through your way. A seating capacity of 200 people, indoors and outdoors combined, the restaurant is managed by a team of professional, well-trained, agile and responsive staff.



The air that you breathe on the outside, is what follows you on the inside as well. It is not just an eco-friendly restaurant by the name of it, but also has a retractable roof system. The guests are given a flavor of it when the weather outside is fine.


The seating arrangement is based on your comfort and preference. High tables with wooden chairs, jute body sofas, or ceramic chairs (mostly for outside seating). The grass is greener on all sides, literally, there are green plants installed everywhere. The breweries are installed inside the restaurant and the beer is ready to be served fresh. The restaurant has a dedicated area for live jamming sessions during evenings. At other times, this is a giant screen playing pop music videos with songs by Akon, Enrique Iglesias, Jason Derulo, Justin Bieber, Luis Fonsi, Ed Sheeren etc.


Any restaurant is known, remembered and discussed about the food it serves. This restaurant has an extensive food and drinks menu, hosting global popular cuisine. We had the following items for our table:

From the tap – testers for the following beer was provided to us, our review of the same is mentioned alongside:

  • Wheat – The all time favorite beer, which resembled the basic taste of a beer, containing all appropriate mix, and a recourse in case no other beer works its magic
  • Pilsner – A little golden in colour, Pilsner had a comparatively crisp refreshing flavor
  • Strong – Actually a lager, this one had a strong hop flavor, was more darker in colour


What followed next, was contemporary cocktails:

  • Gibraltar Ice Tea – Made with white rum, vodka, gin, peach schnapps, grey tea and cranberry juice. The drink tasted a little sweet, was more diluted and less alcoholic. The drink did not reflect the shade of cranberry.
  • Mint Carlos – Made with white rum, mints springs, chunks of fruits, cranberry juice, orange juice and soda. This drink particularly was stronger, with cranberry juice reflecting its shade at the bottom. The drink had chunks of pear and orange to add to the taste



For food, oriental starters was served to us:

  • Crispy veg spring roll – Six pieces of veg spring rolls dipped in sweet chilli sauce and presented in miniature glasses, with a leaf of spring onion with each roll depicting the theme of the restaurant. The crisp was moderate, the spring vegetables inside were fresh and the rolls were warm. The presentation and the taste bags a 5 on 5.
  • Shandong Style Drums of Heaven – Eight pieces of chicken wings tossed in shandong style topped with fresh green veggies. The chicken wings were fresh and juicy.
  • Boti Kebab – Two pieces of buns containing char-grilled chunks of lamb. The dish was cooked very well. The buns were held together with a piercing of cherry tomato, black and green olives. Alongside was mint and corriander chutney.


Costing and service:

The management is very responsive to the needs of each customer, the staff is very interactive, and the manager personally reach up to the customers for feedback, if any. The items are priced at an average price and a meal for two (food and drinks included) can be had under Rs. 1500.


Author – GB