Street Mama is the new hipster pub located in Garuda Mall and brings to us street food delicacies from all across the globe. Not only does it showcase a splendid blend of seating arrangements, it makes sure one enjoys the street food the way it is meant to be. That entails food and beverage caravans reaching tables or us standing, strolling or even swinging while enjoying the lip smacking food. The menu is extremely

vivid and it becomes a Herculean task to finalize the order, so many dishes to choose from, and street mama deserves an applause for doing every dish so well, we came out with any complaints. Not to forget the groovy mix played by the DJ that made sure we had the most amazing night.


Located on the 5th floor, Street mama has most quirky and witty ambience. Even more witty when you enter the washroom. The place is divided into 4 zones; the street, amphitheatre, lounge and fine dining. Street food area is designed like a street with metallic tables and wooden cushion-less chairs, however with wooden flooring. Peeps can stand around the live kitchen and see and pick their orders.

Lounge and fine dining have couch based comfy seating while amphitheatre has a screen on one side and mostly chusion-less wooden seating. It also provides swings as well as long table elevated seating for large groups.

Centrally located is the most beautiful bar counter. Dj console is located next to the screen in the amphitheatre area.


Eclipse – large drink, having dark concoction of beer and tequila but mild in alcohol level and loaded with berries. A decent try.

Street Hound – rosemary smoke filled wine glass was poured in with mix of gin and rum with grape juice and rendered a unique flavor. Must try.

Rozy mimosa – rose flavored sparkling wine drink, the most expensive with least quantity, yet the most outstanding one in flavor.

Sea sour – this dark rum based drink was served with a caramelized marshmallow hanging on top and tasted good.


Popcorn bourbon – this whisky based drink was too strong and highly concentrated. Apparently the flavor of orange was hidden with the whisky bourbon.


Sour five – extremely beautiful, served in a china curry bowl, this had 3 round ice pieces with major touch of bourbon whisky flavor.

Kafir lime Margherita – served in a conical China, this has mint floating on top and had mojito flavor evident.


Shandy colada – regular pina colada flavor with dark rum and beer touch, a good try.


Poms pimmps – this had loads of sliced fruits – kiwi, orange and berries inside the ice filled glass, having mild gin touch.

Non veg

BBQ glazed chicken pizza – a must order. Super cheesy and adequately loaded thin crust pizza. This was possibly the best order of the night.

Chimi chimi changa – pork based empanada dish, extreme delicious and juicy stuffing, again a great order.

Sydney waffle sandwich – had sweet waffle in place of buns with bacon and cheese centre, tasted good and was served with fries.

J.J. Chooks – cannot ask for a more delicious chicken based dry dish in street food category. It has a masala over the top, so nicely done and spread over succulent tender juicy chicken pieces, couldn’t resist trying more than one.



Idli slider – semi fried idli used like burger buns with saucy cottage cheese stuffing in between was too good an experiment and came out perfect. We loved it and ordered it twice.


Mini mushroom slider – this was another slider with mushroom based juicy patty and regular buns. It was cheesy and extremely delish.


Dunked in momos – momos were dunked in a mildly spicy gravy and were regular.



Gooey chocolate pot – chocolate sponge loaded with chocolate sauce in a pot, and served with ice cream, this won our hearts due to lightness in texture and heaviness in flavor. Loved it.


Dutty churros – regular sweet churros served with caramel and chocolate sauce separately.

Mandwa toffee – strawberry rabri was our major takeaway from this dish and a must try.

Crazy Aussie mousse – actually a crazy dish full of cream, fruits and little bit chocolate sponge. Had mix of confusing flavors and was a decent try.


Staff was good in number and quite skilled when it comes to caravan hawkers. The waiters have decent knowledge of dishes and drinks and suggested well. Clicked our pictures and ensured we had a nice time. Place is economical and a must try.

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