After the successful running of Bangalore’s first Tiki bar in party hub of the city; Indiranagar, Three Dots and a Dash comes up with a new outlet at heart of South bangalore; JP Nagar.
Already known well and praised for its out of the box quirky cocktails, Three Dots and a Dash JP Nagar is grand in size and has a mesmerizing ambience. Its global fusion menu has new additions and never heard before cocktail additions. This Polynesian culture themed place was houseful during the lunch hours were visited, not to mention recommended reservation during night hours when real beauty of the place is evident. It’s signature drink Three Dots and a Dash is named after Morse code for letter ‘V’ used to denote Victory during World War 2.



It is located in the picturesque bylanes of JP Nagar, has an old world charm accompanied with the very tropical feel. Having an entry two side opening elevator, this place is two storeyed. The major appeal is brickish and Woody. Exposed brick walls especially on the archways give an old mansion feel and is very soothing. Hanging over these walls are tiki figurines. Bamboo touch here is comparatively low as compared to indiranagar branch.


The place is completely open, being covered on top with thick translucent structural sheets and on balcony side with wooden shed cover. Beautiful vintage lane feel is rendered through hanging lamps on bricky walls. Seating is mostly couch and cushion based under covering and wooden base type under open air.


A wooden staircase leads to the top floor which has another set of seating. Round barrel type tables go with the essence of the place.


Two bar counters are in place,one on each floor. Wall graffiti are at various places. The whole vertical garden concept, hanging leafy pots and border lining with continuous leafy row adds to the Oasis appeal of the place in an otherwise busy modern Life style of this cosmopolitan city.



°Melon Feta Salad°
This was a fruity salad with watermelon and muskmelon cubes topped with feta cheese and accompanied with roasted cheesy garlic bread. Something new for my salad experience and very refreshing for the hot summers.


°Beet Beet zing kebab°
One of the best tryout for me. Being a fitness enthusiast, any dish with beetroot pleases me, and making it into a tikki with mild spices and serving with green mint chutney was an excellent concept.


°Peanut tikki°
Another great new addition to the menu, this was thin tikki stuffed with chopped crunchy peanuts and a soft base. Right flavor was rendered and must order as a decent tiki snack.


°Almond Yoghurt Kebab°
Very juicy starter, this yoghurt almond paste marinated chicken dish was one splendidly try. The flavor was rich and juicy fluids kept running in the mouth throughout the chewing experience. Was again served with green mint chutney and lemon.


°Hawaiian veg curry°
This was an english vegetable rich green colored gravy having almost similar taste to the Thai green curry, had medium consistency and was very rich in flavor. Was served with steamed rice and overall a great dish.


°Hawaiian Fish curry°
Another same style Hawaiian curry, had coconut base orange-colored curry and was served with steamed rice. Was a decent try.


°Noodles – veg and chicken °
Both varieties were good. Flat udon noodles were used and tossed well in sauce, loaded with bell peppers and soft pan-fried chicken crumbs. Overall a nice dish rendering a good flavor.


°cottage cheese pizza°
Had a makhni flavor and was very cheesy and buttery. Overall a decent try. Toppings were great in number.


°Chicken Tikka pizza°
Although heavily loaded with chicken Tikka crumbs and bell peppers, this was towards the bland side. However portion size was good and cheesiness was high.


°banana nutella empanadas °
Empanadas stuffed with banana slices mixed with Nutella is one unique try. Empanada’s covering was soft not crispy. Overall a good try for peeps who love banana and especially Nutella. Was served with vanilla ice cream.


°Three Dots and a Dash°
White rum, Brandy and apple juice mixed with red bull, this is a usual order at this place, topped with a tiki genre fruity garnish. It’s beautiful to see how three cherries and a pineapple are used to resemble 3 dots and a dash. Concentration of alcohol was good. Was presented ecstatically with nitrogen fog.


°Carribean cooler°
This was a vodka and rum based cocktail served beautiful in a coconut having coconut water mixed with cranberry juice and blue Curacao in small quantities. Presented with the nitrogen fog.


°Angie MacLean Style°
Dedicated to the legendary Angie MacLean, this drink was a blend of Bombay sapphire, jagermeister and triple Sec with raspberry jam, pineapple juice and egg white. Overall a strong drink and decent in flavor.


°Sid old fashion°
Cinnamon sticks were burnt on the presentation plate to leave a smoke inside the glass that was later mixed with jagermeister based drink and served with dark chocolate pebbles, to be munched after every sip. Unique try.


°Bubble head°
This had lichi crush and pineapple juice and topped with lemonade.


°Hawaiiam delight°
Strawberry and ice cream based mocktail with hint of rose-water and watermelon, very refreshing and towards the sweeter side.


°Tiki delight°
Orange, pineapple and passion fruit syrups mixed together to arrive at this mocktail, good for the hot season.


Service was good, nicely dressed staff in beachy attire. Costing is towards medium expensive side. Overall a must visit place. Indeed Three dots and a Dash is a getaway into an retro-oasis in the desert of one’s busy modern-day life.


                                                                   AUTHOR – VY

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