Launched as an extention to the evergreen Nagarjuna, comes Nakkshatra, a newly opened place in marathahalli, second to the indiranagar branch and is primarily the not-so-sober north indian counterpart of Nagarjuna. Both come under the same hospitality group, Nagarjuna.
Nagarjuna serves south Indian delicacies while Nakkshatra serves North Indian and Chinese along with liquor, hence the major crowd puller when you don’t wana have a sober experience.
It is a beautiful fine dining place that serves primarily families along with people from any age group.



The place is very lavish and has an overall wooden feel. It’s a fine dining place with seating available for groups of 4 and over. All seating are couch based and no regular chairs. Tables are wooden . A beautiful bar counter is in place. The walls have some cultural garfittis/paintings along with plethora of lights , giving it an ecstatic appeal.
The cutlery is served in a small paper pouch and cloth handkerchiefs are provided. Overall lighting is bit dim and good music of all kinds is played.


°Yakhni Shorba°
Very light and rightly consistent shorba with tiny minced pieces of mutton cooked well, not at all chewy and easily eatable. The soup tasted well however trying it along with tomato soup, the flavor didn’t feel much different.

°Tomato Dhania shorba°
Topped with Dhania, this was a light consistency regular delicious soup made from fresh tomatoes.

°Hara aam ka paneer°
This starter did render the khattapan / sourness of raw mango, but overall was kind of bland. However it was really juicy due to nicely done marination.

°Crispy chilli corn°
These were crispy and not at all soggy, felt little oversalted though. Overall it was a good bar snack and nicely mixed with chopped veggies.

°Dahi k sholey°
This was truly amazing. Very crispy dahi kebab is rare to get and Nakkshatra did it. Every bite was flavorful and the dahi inside had blend of spices and veggies. Great starter, must try. Comes in the cone shape and not round tikki.

°Achari Chicken Tikka°
This was very juicy and delicious. Pieces has low achari flavour but were succulent and tandoor flavour was evident. Must try.

°Mutton seekh kebab°
Nice juicy but a little chewy. Overall good.

This was a rather greenish-orangish mix veg version and very finger licking. Loaded with all the veggies, it had medium consistency and a rather pleasing taste.

°Desi ghee Dal tadka°
Very delicious dal tadka with evident ghee flavour, garlic flavour and sauteéd jeera. Towards the masaledar side, I personally loved this daal.

°Daal bukhara°
Fresh cream and butter did render this black lentil dish a good consistency, but overall the flavour was decent and nothing extraordinary.

°Murgh Lababdar°
This was probably the best take-away from this place. High consistency buttery delicious gravy with big lumps of chicken, excellent dish and a must order. Served in a tawa like plate, 4 big pieces are served with adequate gravy. Semi-dry dish.

°Dum ka murgh°
This was a rather sober dish made from tomato puree and cream, and number of nicely cooked chicken chunks. Overall it was good and must try for people who avoid spicy food.

°Assorted breads°
We received a variety of naans and kulchas, never seen before variety atleast by me.
Cheese naan
Cheese and garlic naan
Plain naan
Amritsari kulcha
Cheese kulcha
All tasted amazing, obviously high on calories.

Finally to the main climax of the visit, desserts.

Both chicken biryani and mutton biryani were succulent and decent in masala flavor.


°Apple jalebi°
The best rabri I have ever had in Bangalore, along with apple jalebi. No matter how nicely the jalebi was made or it rendered the apple flavour or not, the rabri with medium consistency won the hearts and it’s totally a recommended dish from my side.

°Lauki ka halwa°
The next best dessert, juicy and delicious lauki ka halwa. Was bit spektical about the lauki flavour, but it was so delicious that I ate it all.


°Gajar ka halwa°
Average as it was mostly dry and Mawa / khoya was missing.

°Virgin Pina colada°
Excellent mocktail rendering right pineapple flavor in coconut cream milk, absolutely amazing.

°Moon blood°
Rum infused in cranberry juice and sprite, this was a strong drink and good to try.


°Whisky Sour°
This was a decently spiked drink and really good to try.


Service and costing

This place is not at all expensive, rather very economical and pocket friendly. Dishes are priced less as compared to their worth . Service is good. The staff is well dressed and conversant, courteous and have knowledge about the place and food. Very attentive and ready at our disposal. Overall amazing place, must visit.

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