Not only in Delhi, Purple Greene is one of a kind place in the country that has set its first foot in this difficult market obsessed with non-vegetarian food. A pure vegetarian restaurant and bar, Purple Greene, with blessings from its spirit animal- The Giant turtle, not only lets its guests relish a fine dining experience but also savour in a global gourmet experience through its off-beat highly innovative vegetarian fusion dishes. It doesn’t only target the vegetarian audience, but all those food enthusiasts who wish to try something new , something different and not only have a vivid culinary experience, but a learning one too.


Located on third floor of ambience mall vasant kunj, Purple green is surrounded by the biggies like Chili’s pizza Express and others. They render a fine dining experience and use the best possible cutlery and crockery ever. Never have I seen such a hard work gone into the choice and procurement of color tinge glasses and stone crockery.

The giant turtle is there spirit animal, visible on table paper mats and other accessories. A yellow tinge mirror with texture covers the centre standing column. The most beautiful are the lamp cloth baskets hanging all over the place, having a beautiful embroidery and design within. Seating is limited but spacious, chair with cushion base for small groups and couch based for larger ones. The walls have an exposed finish and photo frames hanging. A decent looking bar counter standes next to kitchen, only wine and beer are available.


°Paan Blast°
A unique drink never seen or heard anywhere else by me, excellent blend of apple juice with gulkhand and betel leaf and tinge of lemon juice, this drink is a must try.

°Orange mojito°
A regular mojito with major orange and minor mint touch, very refreshing and savory.

This was a spicy mocktail with salt rimming on glass. It was basically fresh tomato juice blended with Tabasco sauce, apt black pepper and salt, tinge of lemon and topped with fine cut celery and corriander, served cold. Something unique again and a great try. Reminded me of home made soup.

°Murugan Marry°
Guava chili is the trend these days, why not experiment it in a mocktail? Fried chilli and salt rimmed glasses served with very light consistency guava juice mixed with black pepper salt and Tabasco sauce, super mocktail, never tried before and a must order here.


°Tomato avocado soup°
A big, real big stone bowl was presented to us with mashed avocado in centre and spinach filled tortellini shots around it, and then was poured in it medium consistency, fresh and real natural flavor Italian style tomato soup. Very sober and succulent, specially the mix of avocado and tomato soup.

°Three mushroom Soup°
Button, oyster and shiitake, 3 varieties of mushroom cooked with cooked with onion and garlic and enhanced with mascarpone cheese and truffle oil, this had the most natural and right mushroom soup flavor, very cleansing feeling and definitely a unique and crafted soup. All the ingredients aren’t common and hence it was a learning affair. It was accompanied with mint- corriander flavor spread crisp bread.

°Lantern chilli Tofu°
Not a fan of tofu but this dish changed my very perception of the vegetarian variety. Had the regular Asian sweet chilli flavor as intended, we were told to roll two cubes in lettuce cup and compliment it with other minor flavor rendering ingredients served alongside it. Hoisin sauce was the best one , rest roasted garlic , peanuts, spring onion and lemon were among the flavoring ingreds. A great dish, worth experimenting.

°Dahi kebab°
Why not something from the Indian side? Dahi k kebab, my all time favorite vegetarian starter, Purple Greene full justice to it. It is very evident that a lot of skill went into giving the right consistency to the blend of Hung curd and khoya, very little khoya was added to ensure the major flavor came from curd and peanuts infusion making this light grilled kebab splendid. It was topped with spiced up white peas and thick tomato chutney. All together rendered a mix of flavors. A parantha formed the base of each kebab.

°Famous Five°
Taking five bland ingredients and making a flavorful risotto out of it, who would have thought, rather who would have risked. Barley, sabudana, ragi, jowar and broken wheat amalgamated using cheese and topped with sauteed snow peas, this main course dish had a mild flavor, although it was still towards a bland side. This wasn’t the most appreciated dish by us , however for the core vegetarian taste buds, this dish could be a delight.

°Red Thai curry Gnocchi°
The best Thai curry I had till date. This had apt amount of coconut milk, very very sober with long pokchoy leaves. Thai met italian with gnocchi infusion, the semi fried potatoes infused with sage leaf flavor, one of a kind dish and the best I had from Purple greene. Broccoli was semi boiled as required. Must order.

°Green peppercorn spiced chocolate mousse°
Can you experiment a fusion with chocolate mousse? Purple Greene to the resucue. Green peppercorn in very low quantity rendering the right spice flavor in the otherwise highly beaten chocolate mousse served in the right consistency. M&M chocolate was crushed and sprinkled over top, accompanied with a scoop of ice cream. Plating style could be changed though.

°Scoop of Rock°
Our all time favorite makhane(foxnut), water chestnuts and Thai sogo blended well with toffee sauce, served with vanilla ice cream concealed within hard white chocolate. M&m sprinkled again, overall a great and unusua desert. Must try.


The staff is well trained and in proper green uniform. They have complete knowledge of what is being served and how it should be served. All good in conversation and courteous. The pricing is very economical. For such a location and so innovative fusion dishes, we were expecting hefty billing from this place, but all items were priced so less, this place surely won’t burn a hole in the pocket and hence all the more reason to visit.

                                                                                        AUTHOR – VY

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