Agashiye, a Gujarati term that translates to ‘at the roof’. The restaurant is located at the top floor of the heritage hotel located in the heart of the city. The interiors of the restaurant emanate all the vibes of near independence era with a large in size Charkha, Bell metal artefacts, Jute chairs, hand crafted colourful bull-heads, fountains with floating banana leaves and red rose petals.

At the entrance I was greeted by the staff who asked for my preference for Thali out of the two available options viz. Heritage Classic in Kansa Thali and Heritage Grand in Silver Thali. While I was reading the items offered in each Thali, I got perplexed and I turned to the staff for suggestions. The staff reply candidly “if you are less hungry, try the Kansa Thali, if you are very hungry, try the silver Thali”. I laughed away and placed an order for a Kansa Thali.

kansa plate

As the name goes for ‘The Heritage Classic in Kansa Thali’, the food is served in Bell metal (Kansa) utensils. A royal experience begins when three servicemen approach your table each carrying different serving utensils containing varied items and each of them pours the offerings on your plate. There are 22 items included in the Thali; the best ones to have are-
•Bataka Vada
•Rajasthani Bataka
•Fangavela Kathol
•Gujarati Dal
•Khichdi with ghee
•Makai Chat
•Desi Chana, Tameta, Keri
•Mugdal Siro (sweet dish)
•Kesar pista ice cream

Yes, I a hard time finishing all of it, and all of it was worth it.

The experience doesn’t end here. What followed to complete the lunch was a Pan peti comprising Pan leaves, and six quadrants in a box containing cloves, coconut and other items that would make a pan. To conclude the visit, at the table itself they brought a pitcher and bowl made of bell metal for washing hands.

As I finished dining, those three servicemen who served food, stood in a line and thanked me. The experience at this restaurant is something I would cherish for long.

                                                                   Author – GB

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