After tantalizing the taste buds of Delhi and Mumbai, Lady baga finally enters bangalore to sway the taste buds of this cosmopolitan with its fusion food and drinks and a very enriching experience through it’s unique themed ambience. A part of Olive group of restaurants, lady baga is located above soda bottle opener Wala and pursues a Goan theme.

They are known to organize events like Goa carnival, ‘bringing the pet’ events, women’s day event and so on. Open from 12 to 12, this place is decently filled on weekdays as well and reservation is recommended on weekends.


This place is a two floored resto-bar, very colorful and very beachy in look and appeal. We took a place on the top floor terrace seating, temporarily covered due to latest regulations. Both floors have their dedicated bar counters.

The terrace specially features a hippy Traveller bus, painted and decorated with hipster slangs and designs.
Both floors have a wide stretch of beach sand along the road facing wall, with seating over or along side it.

Top floor has a dedicated canvas where a projector displays scenes of a beach, waves hurling, palm/coconut trees swaying and crowd enjoying. This is very unique and much appreciated from such a high-end place that ensures the requirements of every details of such an offbeat ambience are rightly met.

The ceiling has glittery starts and trailing lights walls are painted with every color we can think of. Showers , maybe displaying the concept of cleaning one self after beach fun, are on both floors and gives another great touch to this concept.
The stairway walls between the floors is loaded with plethora of photo frames and sculptures, mostly depicting something related to beaches.

All seating have cushions, chairs mostly are the regular Goa kind with inclined back, have similar mattress cushion as I have personally seen in Goa with checks design. Group seatings for more than 4 is very beautiful- sofa seating with beautiful round pillows.

Most distinctive part of the seating are the hammocks hanging over the sand area.
For waiting also, they have round cushiony seating just at the entrance on first floor.



°Father Lorenzo’s chorizo°

For starters we had Father Lorenzo’s chorizo, a perfect chicken starter with little chewy boneless chicken pieces in a delectable Goan house-spice mix sauce. It is a mildly spicy dish with a unique taste, a Goan dish with a fusion. Sauce was put on inside the saucer in an annular fashion around the dish. A decent China was used for serving.

°pulled pork°

This is one of the best pork dishes I have tried in a long time, the BBQ sauce renders its usual tanginess to the minced small pork pieces, cooked well to minimum chewiness. Also served with dedicated sauce around the dish.

°konkan cutlet°

Amazing starter, taking me back to my loved Mcpuff kind of taste, this dish is having and extremely crispy and delish crumb covering filled inside with mix veg masala having a konkani touch. This dish is a must order for vegetarian people. 6 nicely done pieces are served in an oval China with two sauces.


°Portugese pilaf-chicken°

This is a rice variety in which saffron rice are topped with a tangy and masaledar semi dry gravy loaded with minced chicken. The combo tasted excellent and what really made this dish worth a try was the flavor of friend cashews , which were extremely good in number. It also had various other veggies and bell peppers and serves in China plate with cucumber and tomato circumferential garnishing.

°chef aloo’s prawn curry°

This is a crowd favorite and a great order. Served with parboiled rice (kurchalakki – as they say in south) and fried ‘silver’ fish, prawn curry is an extremely sober coconut milk base orange colored curry with soft chewable prawn pieces. Very scrumptious and light for a decent Goa themed dinner. Also served along with were seafood pickles – tendli pickle and kismur, something new for me.



°baga bong°

For cocktail I ordered Baga bong, a drink served in an interesting fish-shaped glass with tail as an imbibed straw, this is a rum based drink with lime , grapefruit and passion fruit flavor, Spiked rightly and not dilute at all.

°tropic thunder°

A regular mocktail rendering all intended flavors of lime, pineapple and orange.

°chocolate freak shake°

So it’s interesting to get a freak shake in a resto pub which usually don’t follow this cafe kind of item. Nicely done shake with high consistency whipped cream, gems all over it and sprinkles. The chocolate shake has a nice texture to it, not watery and not very granular. The strawberry one apparently has a lollypop in it.


°Valrhona dark chocolate fondant°

A different kind of molten lava chocolate cake, with a relatively harder crust outside and hot chocolate flowing upon break. Not very sweet and apt in sugar. The crust had a nice texture to it and it was the most liked desert by me.

°vanilla and saffron Panna cotta°

Made from rich Elle and vire cream,this is a low on sweetness desert, served with pomegranate and other seasoned fruits. Sugar free is available on request. Not my personal favorite, but this is good to try for ones who don’t like much sugary items.


So this was a unique desert having distinct layers , every layer being special in ingredient. Many layers of cream having special layers of tea biscuit crumbs and toffee, another Low on sugar sweet good for the concerned and giving a unique texture when taken.


The service is good, courteous and attentive staff help by suggesting what to order. Also they are well dressed in their beachy half shirts. Costing is towards medium expensive, but totally worth the taste, quality and innovative touch.

Overall an amazing place and definitely worth visiting, especially for the ones who are unable to execute their long pending Goa plans, those who wanna try a Goan themed cuisine and ambience and those who want to spend some time in a hipster environment feeling free and refreshed.

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