Foxtrot gastropub is a newly opened place in marathahalli and serves a global cuisine with a fusion. It has an amazing decor, witty touch and varied & compartmentalized seating for different interests and different mood. Situated on a height, the balcony seating is the most sought for. The menu is big and detailed, was a Herculean task going through and finally settling for something. Such vivid variety in food as well as drinks is unique and never seen before. Fusion with cocktails like Popsicle and jello is a must try. They even serve many kinds of coffee and tea brews. However in a gift, the ambience and cocktail is what impressed us and the food fiddled between the good to average bar.


How do you describe a place showcasing colourful ambience, loud & speaking-for-itself pictures and wall arts, a romantically lit bar with hanging lights, wall quotes that you can use as your Tinder pick up lines, and seats with green plants around assuring fresh oxygen. I think you call such a place ‘Foxtrot’.

The flooring was elegant with tiles and pebbles in front of the bar counter. The bar counter was well lit and displayed Big Foxtrot retro kind lit banner on top. The place is planned well with separated seating, so that whole section can be booked for personal parties. Closed air conditioned seatings and unconventional seating in a red room with a metal gate rendering a homely look, a lot of thought has gone in this interior design. Green lushness next to the entrance made the whole appeal very delightful rendered the much-needed nature look. Seating is all couch and cushion based, colorful and offbeat in look. Witty lines here and there, photo frames all around not leaving a single wall untouched and wall paintings all added to the beautiful ambience.


After a lot of brain storming and assessing the depth of hunger in us, we placed an order for the following items:
•Blueberry loaded popsicle•

Particularly made with Vodka, blueberry purée, fresh lime juice, black pepper, black salt, cumin seed, cranberry juice, sugar syrup. As the name suggests, the drink had a blueberry popsicle dipped in it. It rendered the real kala khatta feel, one I was literally missing from my childhood days. Same taste with a tinge of vodka. This drink was done well.
•Green fruit cooler•


Made with fresh kiwi, green apple and cucumber, the drink was very refreshing, more like a detox. The glass was a little tall and paper straw was provided. Overall the mocktail was really good.
•Hong Kong street style momos•

Oh well, six pieces of green steamed dim sums served in a traditional Chinese box, these were more of an experiment on our table, no lesser than an experiment by the management I believe. The filling in the momos comprised of water chestnut, mushrooms, carrot and pak Choi. This was a new variety of momos I have ever experienced, yet I wouldn’t say these were the best momos I have had in my life. Tasted fine.

•Lebanese mezze•

A platter comprised of babaganoush, humus, tzatziki, crispy pita, falafel, fattoush and tabouleh. With such ample varieties , we were engrossed trying different combinations with types of pita breads. The dips were overall fine , humus was the best while others were towards the bland side.
•Bocconcini cheese and fresh basil pizza•

The flatbread pizza was soft and had roasted tomatoes and garlic for toppings. The chunks of bocconcini weren’t visible as such. Overall the pizza was fine and had no outstanding flavor, however the crust crispness came out well.
•Waffle Chicken burger•

Chicken patties between waffles giving it a sweet and salty taste together, an experiment that may not work best for everyone. The chicken patty inside was oily making the whole eating practice bit messy. Flavor had a sweetish tinge due to the waffle batter and combo of sauce and chicken marination used. Overall an experiment that can be reworked on.
•mango basil bhapa doi•

The freshness of yoghurt and the real taste of mango reflecting the arrival of summers, was very soothing for our minds. It was more like Panna Cotta and can be done better.


Located in Marathahalli, Bangalore; Foxtrot is attracting crowds because of its superb hospitality. The staff is well trained and professional with a proper code of conduct in behaviour. The manner of setting up table as we took our seats; the placing of our chargers before us; the response to our requirements; the suo-moto assistance for our smooth experience; everything depicted the sincerity in their service with the perspective of customer satisfaction with no stone unturned. Medium expensive place.

Medium expensive place.


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