Spices and flavors is situated jointly with The Bar Terminal, the former being a restaurant serving only Vegetarian food and latter being a lounge. Rarely do we come across fully veg resto bars and ‘spcies and flavors’ is one of them. Serving a mix of Italian, asian and Mex cuisine, specialising primarily in North Indian, this place is recommended for a fine culinary experience. The food is excellent and presentation on top. Service is good and the overall appeal very cozy. We landed at this place after a disappointing experience from a nearby high end restaurant and glad we made this decision to eat here.


Ambience is rather regular, a decent looking restaurant with coushion based seating and couches. Couches I felt a bit uncomfy at the beginning due to less breadth of the rectangular base cushion dimensions, but it failed to bother as we engulfed ourselves into amazing food and service from their side. Lighting is good and soft regular music is played in the backdrop. TV screens are fitted for match viewing and urinal is small and queuing up may be required at times.



Was not very strong and bit dilute, tasted good however. Was served in a confusing glass that has thick ice like walls.

°Hara bhara kebab in cheese sauce°

Something unique in taste, in presentation and worth a try. Served in soup spoons, filled with cheese sauce and each containing one soft kebab, this dish was good and the combo worked really well for us.

°Paneer rudra°

Stuffed pieces of paneer in a rich gravy, paneer rudra is something I never tried or heard before, and after my experience here, am definitely gonna order it again wherever I find it. Topped with chopped cashews and almonds, the mix of stuffed panner and high consistency gravy made the whole dish really delicious.

°Paneer lazeez°

A regular shahi paneer like dish, very delicious and with apt spices and flavor. A must order.

°Paneer Goli biryani°

Towards the sweeter side, this was a succulent biryani with good amount of masala and delish flavor. However all the rice were saffron colored as against usual biryanis having mix of white and saffron and decent number of big paneer cubes were present in the lot.

°Chocolate mousse°

A nicely whipped chocolate mousse served in a jar with decent amount of sweetness. Loved it.


The place is expensive for the lower portions served at such a high charge. Service is really good, mature and experienced staff is available, good knowledge of Zomato gold and smiling courteous staff ready to chit chat with us. Overall amazing experience and would love to visit this place again for a fine culinary experience.


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