My small trip to Mumbai had a spectacular culinary ending, thanks to Pergula. Pergula is a small yet elegant resto bar specialising in continental, asian and Italian cuisine. Located at a very prime location in colaba, this place served us the most finger licking food. It’s good to see the work and effort put in doing every dish right, no matter which cuisine it belonged to and also presenting then we’ll. The great courteous staff made the experience even better.


The place has a small entry through a gate, which we tend to miss in the intial search of the place. This leads to an air conditioned staircase which ultimately opens to a divine hall, with so nicely crafted interiors, artificial green touch and comfortable seating. The major seating is with solid base while side wall seating is with cushion base spring suspension chairs. Tables are all wooden and a wooden flooring compliments well the overall natural and cosy ambience of the place. The bar counter and ceiling are beautifully lit.


°Paneer tikka pizza°

Beautifully diced and marinated chargrilled paneer were put over a very thin and super crusty base. The cheese was having a good amount of stretch and overall taste was very delectable. Was further topped with onion, cilantro and chilli.

°Chicken khow suey°

This was our favorite from this place. Keeping everything aside, the curry was done so well and tasted so perfect, could possibly be the best khow suey I ever had. The coconut milk was apt in content and thus flavor and chicken chunks were plenty in number and nice soft. The noodles were served separately and not mixed with the curry. Various flavoring accompaniments like peanus, fried ginger and fried garlic, spring onion etc were served along with. It was mostly sober and not overdone with spices.

°Jalapeno corn cheese triangles°

Jalapeno and corn were chopped well and blended with good thick consistency cheese, stuffed in a filo pastry and deep fried. This was another great try from this place. With very succulent flavor of all the ingredients, this dish did complete justice to our visit.

°Cilantro Pesto Chicken°

This was a decent try, had chewable chunks of olive stuffed chicken pieces, marinated in the green pesto based cilantro sauce. They were put over fried onion rings and served with balsamic mayo. The combo of onion rings and the cilantro flavors chicken had a unique flavor and was something good to try. However I would have preferred little softer chicken.

Fresh Lime Soda and RIO

Was regular and nicely prepared, not overloaded with unnecessary ice.




The staff was well trained, had good knowledge of all food items and always attentive. They were managing all the tables well and were available at every raise of our hand. Could talk properly and had an energetic appeal overall. Costing is towards expensive side, however the preparation deserved such a worth. Service charge of 7% is levied. Sadly the restaurant chose to charge tax on dishes that should be omitted from the menu being part of Zomato gold.


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