A planned visit to Boston Butt on a Saturday night sadly was a total let down, thanks to poor food preparation and non worthy pricing. It is located in the fort area, on first floor of a building, shared with Irish house. It serves in American, European and Tex-mex cuisine. Strategically loctaed, this pub was decently full and crowd kept coming in. However a much awaited time with old friends went into the discussion pertaining to poor choice of place.


With entrance from first floor, Boston Butt is a two floored restaurant. The bottom floor relatively less noisy compared to the upper one as the major speakers and dj console was placed on upper floor itself. Seating is luxurious with major seating based of couches and inner tables having hard leather seating. Wooden flooring is well complimented with the wooden tables and settle white paint on the walls. Long and elevated tables for big groups is also available. Retro figure photo frames covered certain walls. A beautiful and shining bar counter is available on the upper floor. Overall a decent ambience.



Wasn’t mentioned in the menu and still we ordered. It came out very dilute and disappointing in term of portion and presentation. Upon receiving the bill, we realized per LIIT drink costed around 1050 Rs, the max ever I paid for an LIIT, that even this poor one. We had requested it topping up with more spirits to make it strong which they obliged to, but 1050 for such an LIIT is a matter of shame.

°Chili cheese pizza°

Further to our disappointment, this pizza came in a weird shape, costed bucks but couldn’t seem to fill up even one person. Unequal shaped slices didn’t help at all , and it was obviously a dupe for a order were we expected a good sized pizza and end up having such less quantity of a weird pizza experiment that they should realize has gone very wrong.

°Korean fried wings°

This was the most awful tasting dish. I have had plenty of Korean wings and this disappointed the most. Too overdone and over tangy sauce over wings which were hard to cut or break and even chew, making the whole experience messy and weird tasting. This dish should be immediately taken back.

°Nachos Mezze°

Less cheesy is what came to my mind first. Overall a decent dish only and nothing great. 4 kinds of suaces with semi fluid consistency were put on top of nachos and tasted fine. Some regular veggies were also placed atop.

We were still hungry but planned to eat elsewhere as nothing was satiating enough here.



Costing is towards very expensive side and all unworthy of the kind of food preparation and portion size. Service is good at being courteous to spike up our drinks however all the staff carried some unwanted and repelling attitude on face that made us reluctant to share further feedback. Not recommended place.


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