A majestic place taking one to their days of yore with a very british architectural-touch, Clock tower is one exquisite place located on Golf course, Gurgaon, right next to exit of rapid metro Sector 52-53 station. Not only does the place serve global cuisine, but it also let’s the customer modify their dishes, specially the cocktails as per their creative mix or requirement.

With a well laid out microbrewery, a small tour of which was also provided to us, this place serves roughly 6 variety of in-house brews. The whole blend of delectable food, scintillating ambience and professional outlook of the staff made the experience one of the best.


The owner is an alumnus of Sherwood college Nainital and he made sure the place furnishes memories from that mountain institution in the restaurant. The place from outside gives a very british feel through its Giant clock on a tower that matches the modern medieval English architecture. Since many such buildings are erected in Nainital and other mountain cities of India by the Britishers, the whole concept becomes very clear.

The clock tower is a three floored place, each floor having its own bar counter. The bottom floor is more family oriented and has large group seating along with a band stand.

The middle floor has regular seating for groups of 4 and plus along with smoking zone and an air-conditioned balcony seating. The terrace has relatively less seating but another short floor further up for smoking purpose with metallic chair seating. The place has mesmerizing views on each floor, very garden like entrance with a johnny walker statue, trees view from smoking zone on middle floor and palm greens giant buildings view from terrace.

The second floor bar counter displays an extensive range of not so common liquor.
The place overall is loaded with photo frames. Bottom floor has a giant frame giving a satellite glimpse of the neighborhood in a rough patchy painting. The beautiful wooden styled staircase has its walls loaded with Tin Tin , the fictional character’s photos. The small halt in middle of first floor and bottom floor has plate photo frames depicting many other college building pictures. On further climb we notice the famous ‘Common man’ photo frames which finally culminate to the first/middle floor.

The seating is mixed, mostly couch and cushion based in the inside and wooden hard base based in the balcony as well as terrace. Wooden bench seating is also in place in balcony. The floor finish is wooden on bottom and middle floor, typical of Nainital/mountain area huts and houses, and the walls have exposed touch, the very cemeted-brick look typical of earlier mentioned architecture. The flooring on terrace is both tile as well as exposed cemeted-brick pavement kind which we generally notice on sloping lanes Nainital or Shimla.

The place also has an elevator.
The terrace also sports a very green garden touch work it’s plant pots and leafy plant lines around the small yet beautifully done round climb staircase. The terrace is partly open and partly covered.


°Fresh Brew beers°
Started with the fresh brew beer tasting platter.


IPA – Indian pale ale, this was the most bitter among all and with 5-6% alcohol content.
German wheat- not so bitter and with mild 4-4.5% alcohol content, this was a relatively bland beer with minimal bitterness
German Lager- a decent lager , mildly bitter and a famous in-house brew at this place.
Chocolate stout- this was the favorite one, not available throughout the year though. The aroma is chocolaty, initial taste is bland but as you gulp it, slowly the chocolate taste is felt. Must try.
Scottish ale- another beer towards medium bitter side and 5-6% alcohol level.

°The scottsman°

Scotch infused with mild honey flavor and major cinnamon touch, a super strong cocktail. A bit overpriced though.

°Kiwi martini°

A personalized martini with mint and kiwi flavor, floating mint leaf and with evident gin touch, not at all dilute and extremely refreshing drink for the summers.

°Chicken 65°

A south Indian starter with the exact taste as expected, topped with curry leaf on stem, this starter was very juicy and rightly spiced, super soft chicken pieces.

°Tandoori platter – Vegetarian°

Makhmali Soya chap – the unique touch to this dish was infusion of melted cheese in the core of the soya chap roll which made it really delicious.

Paneer Tikka – kind of bland but with a good tandoori touch. Really big cubes of paneer with decent marination. Were topped with green and yellow bell peppers.

Dahi ke kebab – a little disappointing due to overpowering cardamom flavor, which rendered the dahi a sweetish flavor that kind of ruined the starter.

Tandoori mushroom – exceptionally good as the tandoori flavor was right and masala has reached to greater depth inside the mushroom pieces.


Corn and jalapeno cutlet- very delicious, with major potato base stuffing and decently good corn stuffing. Jalapeno flavor was less evident and corn stole the show, a great starter to try.

The green chutney was home style and real nice.

°Mezze platter °

This was a lamb based platter with 3 major sauces, marinated olives and marinated spiced carrots. Humus was excellent and with high consistency.
Mashed cooked eggplant based baba ganoush was a great try, not an eggplant fan here but this sauce worked well for the taste buds.
Hung curd and lemon topped Labneh was a high consistency sauce, excellent in touch.
Coming to Kibbeh, mutton based balls filled in centre with melted cheese, super delicious and with a fresh flavor, spiced mildly. Amazing dish worth trying.

°Laos Khao Suey°

A coconut milk based dish, this was full of semi-cooked veggies and noodles, a sober Thai curry flavor and served with 6 accompaniments to modify it as per required flavor.
6 accompaniments – fried ginger, fried onion, peanuts, spring onion, garlic and lemon.

°Clock tower chicken breast°

One of the best tries at this place. Mushroom and cheese filled chicken breast , with apt black pepper on top and accompanied with garlic mashed potatoes and light consistency barbeque sauce, this dish was prepared very well. Chicken was tender to cut and chew and the whole cheese-mushroom-chicken combo worked really well.


Excellent low sugar desert with right consistency and mild coffee flavor presented well.

°Walnut brownie with ice cream°

Relatively soft and medium moist brownies with walnut infused within as well on top was served with vanilla ice cream. Chocolate syrup was also put over the desert. A great try.

The clock tower is a high-end place on golf course road, at a very prime location and with paramount professionalism, hence very expensive. All items are priced at the higher side, some worth it while others not.
All the staff is trained extremely well. All waiters have knowledge of every dish as well as drink served at the place , they know how the brewery works, they are aware what theme is put in place and why as well as are very courteous and kind. A must visit place.


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