Prost is one of the highly rated places in its vicinity and thus deserved a visit. However the experience turned out very average and turned out to be one of the very few breweries that disappointed me.


The place has a very metallic and mechanical interior. Manifolds and pipes all around, tapping and valve wheels, pressure gauges and light bulbs inside safety helmets, a lot of thought had been given to the appeal to the place but somehow it turned out very dull and shady. Seating is couches with wooden tables, balcony seating, long tables, elevated tables but hardly any couple tables. The place has three floors, top one being crowded and rarely accessible. Many television screens in place screening matches and a rather disappointing bar counter on second floor. Decent slow music played which didn’t trouble while conversing.


*Cider and Rocky Road*

So we tried cider and Rocky road. Cider was extremely disappointing and tasted just like apple juice, had no bitterness as they clearly mention and definitely not a drink that does wonder. Rocky road had 6/10 bitterness but even that felt very less bitter and dull in taste, even after 2 big mugs, we felt nothing.

*Kasoori Kebab Chicken*

Coming to food, started with kasoori kebab chicken, was really good, soft and tender, easy to cut and delectable taste however would have preferred had it been little more hot. It had the tandoor crunch and flavor very evident.

*Paneer Gatari*

Paneer gatari on the other hand was extremely bland. No taste, no flavor and just a drag. Had sprinkled namkeen over it which didn’t do any wonders. Not recommended.

*Mexican Plaudren*


Mexican plaudren could be a hidden gem for north Indian Chaat taste. It was a Mexican nachos fusion with north Indian papdi chaat mix, rendered the very right taste and was really spicy, the way it should be. I personally liked this one as I could associate with the taste.

*Corn and Cheese Cigar Rolls*


Finally corn and cheese cigar rolls were not impressive. Filled only with air and cheese, hardly any corn and very oily from outside, this dish was a fail for us.


The staff was kind and attentive, not very courteous though. Had little information about food and turned down a simple request of bring us a burger in two halves. Told us we should cut it on our table and when requested that it’s not convenient, he told he would bring chef’s knife and we only had to cut. Strange!
Anyway costing was fine, not an expensive place.


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