Situated right opposite to Vega city mall, this glittering small restaurant called Crumb Together brings people of all ages to dine and cherish a global cuisine with a twist. The place opened on Christmas of 2017 and is growing and improving at a good pace. They currently have wine license and will soon be able to install a full bar. Opened from 12 onwards and not having any mid day shut down period, this is one favorite choice in the vicinity.



The place is having ground floor and first floor seating. Seating on both floors are 4+. Entrance leads to a balcony seating area with lush green plants and elegant lighting lamps. Long tables as well as couple seating is present. Further entry to main building, two more tables are available.

There is no air-conditioning available and hence lower GST. Stairway leads to two tables and finally terrace seating which is the main highlight of this place. A canvas screen is present showing sports. Seating is in plenty and lighting is beautiful. Chill place to sit and hangout at. The decor is very automotive on the ground floor.


°Roasted pumpkin and tomato soup°

Probably the highlight of this place, two soups are poured in front of us in a plate divided into two with whipped cream. Pepper and spices were sprinkled on the nicely done whipped cream. Tomato soup was very fresh and natural, thick in consistency and had basil leaf inside. Roasted pumpkin soup was again with good consistency, rightly sweet and a very new flavor for me. The combo of cream and soup was excellent. Definitely a must try.

°Corn Seekh Kebab°

Soft seekh kebab infused with American corn and cooked well in a tandoor, this dish was served with very spicy mint chutney and tangy beetroot chutney. The flavor was mild and towards bland side.

°American Chicken Chopsy°

One of my favorites from this place. With crispy thick noodles, the delicious fusion of tangy and spiciness in one delectable sauce and crispy veggies made this dish one of the best American chopsys I have had. It was topped with sunny side up egg.

°Lamb rack with red wine sauce°

This was a magnificent looking continental lamb dish made with Sula red wine sauce. Three big lamb rack pieces were nicely placed and bottomed with veggies and mashed potatoes. The sauce flavor was good and wine taste evident. The mutton is cooked three times before it is presented.

°Veg makhanwala°

Creamy and buttery rich tomato gravy full of regular Indian veggies , this dish tasted excellent and rendered true Indian flavor. Being a north Indian, I could relate and admired the taste very well.

°Kashmiri Pulao°

Regular Kashmiri pulao, full of finely chopped pineapple and apple, pomegranate and raisin pieces and decent in flavor. The rice was not sticky and full of roasted cashews.

The veg naan served along with had carrots , greens and paneer stuffing and was amazing.

°Blueberry Cheesecake°

Little hard but very delish blueberry cheesecake, presented nicely and very filling.

°Orange Blood Sangria°


Red wine based and orange mint flavored cocktail, a good try.

°Guava chilly Indian spiced drink°


This guava juice drink was spiced and served in a salt rimmed glass. Needs to be stirred well before sipping. Very refreshing and a good try.


Costing is towards medium expensive and mostly worth the quality, taste and portion size. Service is good. Staff is in uniform and well trained.


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