During our stay in the temple city of India, we tried various meal courses at the in-house restaurant at hotel Suryansh. In a gist, the food is amazing but the service very disappointing.


They serve crispy fried small papad whilst you wait for your meals. Jal-jeera was served on first day complimentary, was good.


Crispy corn were amazing, rightly crispy and with right amount of veggies mix. Chilli babycorn was again great and right in quantity as well.

Murgh malai tikka was awesome, served in a unique presentation never seen before, it was soft and very satisfying.

Murgh tikka was good as well, but sunflower oil taste was evident which kind of bothered. Tandoori flavor was well rendered however.

Chicken lollipop was crisp and served in good number of pieces-5, delicious.
Kalmi kebab was served just 3 pieces, but big leg pieces. It was extremely good and rendered the tandoori flavor well.

Schezwan paneer fingers were average, had little of paneer and more of batter, spicy yes.


Mushroom soup was good and consistency was right, sober and not spicy as all, that can be added extra.
Babycorn soup was the best among all, rightly thick and with corn and light chopped veggies.
Clear veg soup felt extremely bland and not recommended at all.


Black dal was average while dal tadka was great. However consistency of yellow dal was changing day by day, once it’s thick while other day very light.
Mushroom masala was really good with nicely done masala.
White rice were fine, not at all sticy and nicely cooked. Fried rice were average one day while amazing the other.
Mix veg was good.
Chicken tikka masala was good with sober and consistent gravy. Pieces were in good number-5 of them.
Chapati were good. However naans varied day-to-day. One day very crisp and non stretchy at all while other day soft and difficult to chew and cut.



They change the buffet menu in breakfast daily, atleast half of the items.
One corner table has diced fruits, fruit juices and one strange looking but good to taste rasgulla, being a Bengal influenced state, rasgulla in breakfast is understandable. This table is common for all days.

The centre table is also common and has croissant, muffin and other breads.
Special table for plates , spoons and coffee and tea is present.
Finally the other corner table has varying items and the actual breakfast.

The French toast was average. Boiled eggs available. Boiled peas was average and had no spices.
Garlic potato average and had no such flavor.
Upma was good. Second day poha was bland, third day masala sewai were also bland.

Saute chicken was amazing. Even saute mushroom was similarly good. Chicken nuggets were fine, not very spicy and over soft minced chicken.
South Indian specialty idli sambar and coconut chutney were all good and served daily.
They prepare dosas on request and also brown bread toast.

Chole bhature are served, chole being regular gravy one and good, bhature also not being very oily and not at all stretchy.
Aloo matar and poori served on second day were amazing and really the best part of their overall breakfast menu. Parantha and aloo sabzi on third day was good as well, parantha not rendering any food flavor though.
Muffin is good. Tea and coffee both fine.


Minus points for service. All dishes took more than half hour to reach our table, some took 45 minutes around and the trend was there on each day. Waiters weren’t responsive properly and just heard our queries for lateness and never did anything, just roamed elsewhere. The managing boy tried to argue instead of understanding our requirements, even though the fault maybe ours on one day or his on the other. Soups were served after starters certain days and starters after main course on the other. Costing is fine and not at all expensive.


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