‘Cavalary the lounge’ is not only a magnificent Place to chill in weekdays too, but also a place to savour the delicious Chinese. As IPL fever is on spike ,they have themed their restaurant to match the enthusiasm of masses . The interior is worth praising with the prominence of crystal chain work at the ceiling. It gives a feel of Arabic courtyard with blue lights as main.

The aesthetics & functional aspect-

The place is quite huge for a club in a posh location like powai.It locates 3 miles or so away from Kanjurmarg railway station. It is located in a shady closed shopping complex on second floor. The suffering ends right at its main door, which feels like oasis in a desert. From ceiling hanging banners to T-shirts worn by stewards, all talks about IPL cricket teams. The place is huge, easily could accommodate 200. There are many sections – one typically observes chair –table dining area and sofa- couch setup for a group big in number. The dance floor is quite huge and the huge screen and its arbitrary colourful themes gels so good with music that it makes one tipsy without getting drunk ,a typical thing in Goa clubs .


As was suggested by colleagues, we thought of starting with Chinese .we ordered Burnt Garlic Cottage Cheese to start our expedition to savoury. As I take the first bite, it felt bliss as I never had tasted such good Chinese in Mumbai before. Even the best of proclaimed Chinese restaurants failed to serve such taste. The burnt garlic sauce and marinated cottage cheese were so apt that gave the preparation a 5 star. I also appreciate the fact that veggies were so sufficiently cooked to give it a perfect taste.


Now, taking a cue from it, we were convinced to order another Chinese delicacy, to confirm that we could vouch for it on every possible platform. We ordered Crispy chilli garlic potato that is notorious for its greasy nature. But it came to us as complete astonishment. The potato fries were so thin to give it unwanted surface area to absorb oil. Accompanied salad also deserves an attention and praise. The Kimchi salad made of cabbages tasted uniform with the blend of sauce ,which is usually rare elsewhere as the cabbage is half cooked. The fries were crispy and spicy as assured by the name of dish .

An Indian is never satisfied without Indian food, so were we. While exploring the menu i came across ‘hara bhara kebabs’ , a name that is sufficient to make someone drool. The green chutney and peas and capsicum cooked salad gave not only visual charm to the dish but made sure that we also talk about it .



One famous star drink among party buffs that make them groove to any music is LIIT. How could we miss that in menu –with the slightest sight at it ,I, without a thought ordered two monster glasses of it. And yeah! An expert in LIIT knows it all about them. I would rate it a 10/10 for the wonderful balanced concoction prepared without it being too bitter or too diluted.

Next in the drinks was ‘Sex on the beach’, and it was pretty average to the senses. The drink was a combination of peach juice, orange juice and cranberries, giving it an overly sweet taste.



Our Sweet tooth played dominant a bit. what could be better than chocolate walnut brownie topped with vanilla in the sizzling lava of chocolate syrup .The combo of hot and cold was amazing in taste . I could actually taste walnuts in the brownie , kudos to its bakers for the craft, which didn’t make brownie feel hard to chew due to walnuts.


Service and Costing-

The entire fleet at Cavalry is courteous, amicable and cooperative. I highlight their kindness and flexibility with a situation where they allowed one of my colleagues to enter in shorts, when they have strict formals/party wear dress code; much it required us to convince them with genuine reasons. They do accept zomato gold (2+2 drinks).

Cost for food is very justified and reasonable for the ambience, service and taste they offer. Drinks on the other hand are way too overpriced which may be due to zomato offer to neutralize the effect of it.

Author – AJ

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