‘Flechazo’ , Spanish for ‘Love at first sight’, does complete justice to its name and reputation. After success of two well established restaurants in Bangalore and Hyderabad, EKA hospitality comes up with the third Flechazo at Whitefield in Bangalore, with a whole bigger and beautiful setup.
Flechazo is a full meal buffet place specialising in the unique Mediterrasian cuisine = Mediterranian + asian.

Not only does flechazo render an enriching culinary experience, but also a memorable one through its ‘make your own pizza and get certified ‘ activity as well as celebratory dances from the staff.

Never have I before encountered any buffet place with such plethora of varieties in starters, mains and desserts. The place also serves its own signature cocktails and mocktails. Uniqueness is well imbibed as can been seen from the food shots conveyor, nitrogen ice cream and pizza making experience among others.


The place has a major color scheme of blue and yellow with green artificial bamboo plants against certain walls and windows, all together rendering a cozy feel.

The place is large and spacious with ample seating. Dedicated seating for parties is available where a good spacious section of restaurant is partially separated from the rest. Long chair seating for corporate is available in good number as corporate dining here is quite a hit. Seating for groups and couples is also in place, and is couch and cushion based with tables being wooden.

A central wood fired pizza oven, apparently, is also in place. Main course counter finds place next to the kitchen located on one side while desserts counter is established in the centre of the place. At the very entrance is a running conveyor where food shots – small portions of food, are running and to be picked up by the guests.

The waiting area is huge and with good number of seating, and air-conditioned. It’s nice ensuring people not crowding inside or waiting at bar counters. Also available is infant seating in decent number.



°Non alcoholic fruit sangria°
This fruity mocktail had a visible mix of pomegranate, apple and strawberry and a very evident flavor of muskmelon and kiwi. Sangria syrup was used and over all , a very revitalizing drink.


°Herb Lemonade°
The best part was blend of thyme, parsley and basil rendering an off beat taste. Otherwise flavor of pineapple juice and lime touch was apt and very cleansing drink.



Tandoori mushrooms were excellent, juicy and evident tandoor flavor.

Murgh malai tikka was good and nicely spiced. However wasn’t very soft and bit chewy, also lacked consistency.

Afghani murg tikka was decent. Could be more soft.

BBQ sauce chicken wing was really good and was adequately sauced.

Paprika potato wedges were amazing, rightly spiced and less oily, however they also lacked consistency in cooking time.

Vegetarian spring rolls were less oily and had good amount of nicely prepared stuffing.

Chicken Shawarma with garlic aioli is a must try starter, rendering a succulent flavor.

Corn and falafel tikki was fine, nothing extraordinary, had mild flavor. Could have been more masaledar.

Singapore chilli prawns had a nice chilli sauce flavor and were very crispy.

Mutton seekh kebab were done really well, juicy and really soft to bite.

Not a fan of pineapple in starters but this sauce pineapple starter was amazing and had sweet yet spicy touch to it.

Paneer 65 were good, real juicy and had regular southern delight’s flavor.

Crispy corn kernels were also done well. Not at all soggy.

Veg and non veg sandwich were both small sized with decent filling and cream. Veg was in regular bread whereas chicken in brown bread. The same can be customised.

The minced mutton tikki was a true delight, a must order. Real soft and real crispy.

°Food Shots°
This section of starters ran on a conveyor. A very unique concept to flechazo. Small portions of food to be taken and consumed was the very idea.


Both the veg and non veg dimsums were good and regular, minced stuffing and real good flavor.

The sushi weren’t our personal favorite, veg one being specially dull. However having sushi is menu is itself commendable.

Chaat papdi was fine and especially liked the tamarind sauce flavor.

The gol gappas/pani Puri were good with no onion only potato stuffing. Sweet and jaljeera water both were provided in nice tiny glasses.

The mutton keema with kulcha was exceptionally good, very flavorful and having a good blend of spices, minced and cooked to perfection.

Honey chilli potato were average.


Moti veg biryani was good and murgh biryani amazing, however the chicken pieces wasn’t very fleshy.

Singapore stir fry noodles were fine and mushroom and corn lasagna good, not very cheesy.

Mutton hara piyaza had very succulent home like gravy and the best part of mains. However the mutton piece was little uncooked.

Kadai chicken was amazing and had the expected taste. Large delicious chunks of chicken were available.

Paneer tikka masala was average, had some tanginess to it while jeera aloo were yum.

Dal makhni was towards the sweeter side yet tasted good.


Fresh cut fruits, tiramisu , raspberry souffle, yougurt parafaits, caramel custard, marble pastry along with chocolate lollipops were placed on the main handy desserts stand. All were good and fresh.

The best part was the live preparation of jalebis on request. The freshly cooked jalebis weren’t sticky at all, and tasted great. Thanks to flechazo for providing rabri along with Jalebi.

Gulab jamun were good, however gazar ka halwa felt dry and lacking khoya/mawa.

The next unique feature was the nitrogen ice cream stand where on request flavors were prepared using solid nitrogen , a delight both to eyes and tongue.
Tried the pan flavored and coffee one, both amazing and come with choice of toppings.
Regular ice cream was also available for those not interested in nitrogen ones.

The most beautiful part of deserts were the red brownies and macarons. Beautifully places and excellent in tatse, Flechazo covers a very wide range in desserts section.



°Pizza making experience°

Apart from serving quarter pizzas and pastas on request, flechazo also let’s it’s guest prepare their own pizza and get certified as a flechazo MasterChef for that. They let you wear an apron and chef’s hat and guide you all the way from flattening your dough ball to putting the pizza inside the oven. Unique and never seen / heard before experience.

Menu for pizza and pasta is availabe on table as well as pizza counter, where it can be customised on request.


Flechazo is economical, way affordable as compared to long running full meal buffet chains. Service is good and staff is available in great number. However knowledge of food is limited and hence little grooming is needed. The crew is however well-trained to perform celebratory dances as per the occasion from the guests’ side, be it birthday, anniversary, promotion etc. Flechazo also provides complimentary cake on such occasions. All are young and courteous.

Author – VY

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