With plethora of themed restaurants and pubs in Bangalore, Three dots and a dash stands out with a unique and mesmerizing tropical Hawaiian theme of its own, essentially inspired by the tropical culture of Polynesia. The ambience as well as the cuisine, the staff dressed in beachy half shirts and as well the presentation style,

all render the intended Aloha! feel and makes this place a must visit. Apart from this, this place is one of the most sought after pubs in Indiranagar, very crowded on weekends and hence reservation is recommended.



This place can easily be crowned as the cocktail king. They have a separate menu which lists out with images and ingredients description of the lavish tropical cocktails they serve.

°Zombie punch°

We started with Zombie punch, which was served in the best ever skull glass , with a flower on top. It was a blend of rum and Brandy with pineapple and Orange juice and was aptly concentrated. I admired the drink.

°three dots and a dash°
Three dost and a Dash cocktail was served more regular in fashion, blend of rum, Brandy, apple juice and redbull. It was a fine drink.

°missionary’s downfall°

Another great drink, missionary’s downfall ginger ale and rum with evident peach syrup flavor, little foamy and very good to try.

°pineapple paradise°

Pineapple paradise was served in a pineapple with nitrogen foam at the base, excellent concept of serving but the drink had excess flavor of pineapple and the combination with Caribbean rum didn’t soothe much.

°Caribbean cooler°


Caribbean cooler stood out well, blend of vodka with coconut water and other liquor, served in a coconut with base of fuming nitrogen fog,this drink is a must try.

What stood out was that all drinks had a flower on top and tiny cocktail umbrella, making sure the beach scene was in place.


°manchow soup°

The meal started with Chinese manchow soup, with tiny lamellar chicken crumbs, extremely light consistency, very natural coriander and veggie flavor and a decent quantity. A great soup to start with. However a feedback would be to serve crisp manchow separately so that they can be mixed at will and their crispness can be enjoyed for long.

Toasted tiny Garlic bread slices were served, very delectable and a good side with the soup and other starters.

°five spice pork°

Five spice pork chunks were a little disappointing with the undercooked meat’s unchewiness , however the spices were done well and a great taste could be relished.

°konjee lamb°

What stood out was the konjee lamb, very juicy, very nicely spiced, extremely tasty and served with beautiful garnishing. Must try.

°chicken dumplings°

One other favorite try outs for me was the evergreen chicken dumplings, served 8 in number with not so chilly yet nice sauce. The fillings were apt and well cooked, the skin equally soft and easily cut, was served in traditional dumplings basket.

°barbeque cottage cheese skewer°

The barbeque cottage cheese skewer was tangy in taste, had sweet-spicy flavor and topped with cheese. Cooked nicely and soft to cut, served with saffron rice and layered with sauce, the dish is good to try.

°moroccean lamb tangine°

Moroccan lamb tangine was another outstanding dish, extremely juicy having tender minced lamb crumbs, served with flavored khus khus.

°island fish°

Island fish was basa fish served wrapped in banana leaf and complimented with sticky rice, was well cooked, tender and with adequate spices.

°chicken tortillas°

Soft wrapped chicken tortillas had a less juicy but rich stuffing, loaded with minced chicken and veggies. Not extraordinary but good to try, what disappointed was less serving of sour cream on the serve plate itself, and not separate saucer.

°oriental chicken pizza°

Oriental chicken pizza was another great try, had a rich gravy kind of flavor, very juicy and overload with chicken toppings and thin crispy base.

°chicken lasagne°

Chicken lasagne was a little dry form inside as the main cheese was spread in the annular area of plate, and not inside the stuffing. But nevertheless it was tender and good in taste, not overdone with tomato sauce, thankfully, and served with two garlic breads.

°banana split°

Coming to the deserts, the banana split was a deal cracker. Syrup loaded banana splits , topped with vanilla ice-cream, rather overloaded I should say. Also had apple slices, cherry and sprinkled Choco chips.

Finally brownie with ice cream was served which had a dry cold brownie, else the duo could have been better.



The place has a very wooden feel, all around bamboo logs could be seen as a part of structure. Seating varies from regular chairs to couch kind, lower elevations couches were the best and where we took our place. However some sheet could be placed or hanged to block the sun during peak afternoon time which kind a bothered near the end of our meal.
Costing is fine, towards the medium side however. Starters limiting to 300 while main course limiting to 500. Cocktails all ranged from 400 to decent 500 range and were all worth it. Good not so loud music is played in the background which doesn’t hamper your conversations.

Overall the place rendered a unique appeal and experience, never seen anywhere before. A great must try place , soon opening its doors in another location in Bangalore.

Author – VY

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