A new venture under the umbrella of Olive restaurants, Shizusan Shophouse and bar joins the league of high end elite Resto-pubs in Phoenix market city and will complete a year this April’18. Located adjacent to brother outlet Bar Bar and opposite to food court area of Phoenix, Shizuan specializes

in South-East Asian cuisine and lives up to it’s ‘Shophouse’ theme.


Like a Shophouse that serves both as a place to live and do business, the restaurant indeed appears like a home like place with all greenish tinge window frames and panels. The walls are painted with ecstatic landscape scenes from mountains and valleys, floral designs and flowing rivers. A decent wooden work floor. The most beautiful and unique feature is the placement of a tree impression that mesmerised every onlooker. Through a regular wall column painted brown to appear like a tree, what emerges is a big clutter of leaves supported mid-air that renders a real tree impression, gives a very natural green feel to the restaurant and a serene ambience to have the culinary experience in.

Restaurant is divided into two, balcony seating overlooking the concert area of Phoenix and regular ac seating area. The balcony area mostly has elevated seating for 4 and regular group seatings. Grassy pots furnish a green touch to the balcony as well. The inside seating is table chair based with cushion chairs and wall supported couches. Two bar counters are available for in-out both. There is an access doorway to Bar Bar from Shizusan in balcony and both work with collaboration and share the kitchen.


So they don’t have the classic cocktails and hence we tried something unique ones from their side.

°DIY Island tea°

So this could be their version of LIIT, served beautifully and in the most appreciable manner I could say. Cola, glass with ice and liquor mix all three served separately and we have to mix them all per our requirements. This gave a clear indication that it’s not diluted and real quantity of liquor could be ascertained from the liquor container. The taste was like LIIT without any minty touch.

°Secret Garden°


Whats better than a garden drink in a garden like place, this straight pour nicely spiked drink had fruits chunks inside which along with ginger ale rendered the major flavor and was served in a pot glass. Refreshing sort of drink.

°Korean fried chicken wings°

These double friend wings were extremely crispy outside and soft tender inside. Had a delish spicy flavor and was served with a mild flavored sauce. A must order here.

°The Jiaozi°

These are amazing gold-fish shaped dumplings served 4 in number. These are very soft and delicate, sober and little tangy in flavor , served with chilli sauces that fired us up literally. Quantity felt a little less but it tasted good with all the veggies inside.

°Thai green curry°

By far one of the best Thai curries I have ever had in my life and on top of that, a green Thai curry made so well. Sober yet a very delectable flavor, low consistency curry with pea aubergine and chestnuts and decent amount of soft chicken chunks , this dish is my recommendation from this restaurant. Complementary Jasmine rice we’re served with it which had a flavor of their own and made the whole combo phenomenal.

°Jajangmyeon Noodles°

Tried the simple veg version of these stir fried noodles. Infused with green veggies and sautéed well with the traditional sauces, this is a unique stand-alone meal, tastes even better with soy sauce.

°5 spice Crème Brūlēe°

This was a rather hard and cold custard as against what we were expecting to be something softer and near room temperature. The hard caramel layer was crusty and done well. The sweetness was on the lower side and the 5 traditional Indian spices were evident in flavor. However I have tried much better Crème brulee.


Towards the expensive side, and it would be better if they mention the price of every item on the menu. The service was good, the waiters have clear knowledge of dishes and recommend well. All were in uniform and swift in action, courteous as well as delivery of items to the table were speedy.

Author – VY

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