Sambookas is a beautiful and cozy, homely looking cafe on Hudson lane and is loacted at a walking distance from the metro station. Apart from boasting of one of the most beautiful ambience, it serves great cafe food and shakes, mostly European inspired. Sandwiches, crepes, burgers, pizza, pan cakes , small appetizers and breakfast among others comprise it’s menu, accompanied by freak shakes, iced tea and regular hot beverages.


Entry is through a glass door leading to a beautiful hallway having cusion based seating. Pillows, plenty of them in vivid designs and colors is truly an attraction. A step down is another hall where rest of the regular seating is available. The ceiling work is a great piece of art, mesmerising POP work on one part whereas classy art palette on the other. Some green leafy covering on the beam and flower with lead clutters on shelves renders a very home garden like feel. They have a fireplace, not being used that way though, amazing Valentine’s decor was still in place when we went in February. There is a wardrobe with miniature showcase items and books. There were unusual frames on wall without a photo and interesting wall graffiti next to kitchen. A tv screen was in place as well. The place is a small cafe with decent comfortable seating, not at all congested. The usual Hudson trend of wall sticker comments is also in place.


°chicken and corn crepe°


We started with chicken and corn crepe as was recommended to me by a friend. It was amazing indeed. Three thin roasted wraps filled with minced chicken and corn in good amount with a flavorful marination made this dish a true delight. Was adequately spicy and served with delicious tomato fondue and really crispy and less oily fries. The presentation was pretty with a pattern of flavored mayo sauce in the annual region of plate.

°Bruschetta Non veg°

This dish had a real top notch presentation. Served with a flavored sauce , four crispy bread pieces topped with overload of spicy micned chicken and cheese, this dish was a delight as well.

°Irish cold Coffee°


This Harlem shake was regular cold coffee topped with whipped cream with an excellent consistency. The drink was aptly sweet, had a blend of ice cream and a subsequent good texture.

°Peach iced tea°


This was a regular peach flavored mojito and is worth a try.

°Tropical Mojito°


Tropical mojito has a blend of fruits and berries mixed to furnish a very refreshing feel. A variety of flavors were evident with major being the mojito mint flavor.

The place is not expensive keeping in trend with all other place on Hudson lane. Service is fine, not much waiters were visible, rather just one handling us and other minimal crowd at that point of time. The owner lady was also in place and making sure the guests had a great time. Food delivery to the table was timely. Total invoiced value for this experience was 850 bucks.


Author – VY

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