‘Going to Hudson lane? Try Cafeteria and co.’ , That’s what I have been hearing since a long time and hence a visit was in place. Cafeteria and company is the top trending place in not only Hudson lane, but Delhi NCR as a whole, thanks to its delicious spread of fusion food and global cuisine.

As like any other place in Hudson, it’s a non alcoholic place and very economical. Dishes are not only prepared with perfection, but also presented very well. Trained staff makes it even better.


This is a 2 storeyed place – first floor and second with a third underway construction. It is located at the prime location of the lane, near to phonebooth cafe. The place has an extensive wall painting that extended from first floor to the second. A giant female face and a serene countryside display with a river flowing and churches is what I took back from the painting. Two mannequin hanging mid-air is another great touch to the ambience. The walls and ceiling have the cement finish, giving a rustic look. Photo frames with no general theme hanging all over the walls. Seating is mixed, couch based with strapped back cushions, wooden chairs and elevated seating.


°Peri Peri chicken tikka°

Started with the most famous dish at this place, Peri Peri chicken tikka. Soft tender large pieces of chicken fully tossed in juicy Peri Peri sauce were served with delicious home style green chutney and spiced onions. However the real spicy touch of Peri Peri was kind of neutralized in this dish. Even then it was a very delectable dish and lives up to the expectations. Four large pieces were served.

°The Beyonce°

Something innovative from their side, this was a star-shaped chicken burger served with flavored mayo dip and Peri Peri fries. The burger had first layer of sandwich sauce followed by a cheese slice, then the nicely cooked spicy chicken patty followed by veggies. Not very thick and easy to bite. It was so nicely prepared that while eating, the fillings did not slide out and hence didn’t mess up the whole experience. The fries were fresh and crispy. This was served in an interesting apple-shaped plate.


°Ultimate chicken pizza°

Salami, sausages and marinated chicken crumbs along with red paprika formed the toppings of this delicious pizza. The cheese was done adequately and the annular crust was crispy as desired. The pizza sauce spread had a flavor of its own that rendered the major taste and made this pizza a great try.

°Brain Freezer°


This drink was basically a crushed ice mountain having kiwi, mint and cucumber as the major evident flavors along with a tinge of lime. The deal of this dish was that as the ice melts , you get the mocktail syrup below to sip, which was enough in the beginning but as time passed, the ice didn’t really melt with desired pace and we waited to get a sip. Something could be worked out for this.

°Strawberry Shortcake shake°


Amazing milk shake with the strawberry ice cream flavor, refreshing and with desired consistency.

°Death by Chocolate°

Brownie crumbs topped with chocolate chips, chocolate biscuit stick and chocolate syrup and accompanied in the mix with coffee and chocolate ice cream scoops, this desert was full filling and a good end to our culinary experience at cafeteria and co.

Service was good, staff had good knowledge of dishes and drinks. Most of them were trained well except 1-2 who had to consult others to answer our queries regarding dishes. The staff was in uniform, two kinds. Costing is economical, very economical. All this amounted to just 1233 bucks. Definitely a must visit and recommended place.

Author – VY

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