“Life without biryani is like no life at all”. Indeed. Biryani blues is the top trending restaurant chain in Delhi NCR serving amazing biryani and other food products, viz, starters , full meals and desserts. It currently has 26 outlets located at all prime locations in national capital region and is both a dine in as well as delivery joint.


I tried a delivery from DLF phase 3 Gurgaon outlet and my experience was really satisfying.


°Chicken biryani Handi°

Served in a clay pot, this biryani was extremely well prepared with the chicken pieces were finger liking good. Long grained basmati were used. Saffron and regular rice were mixed well with thick biryani masala that rendered the desired flavor, being towards the more spicy side, just how I like it. The elaichi were also good in number and its flavor was evident. Exact four pieces of chicken were there, 3 leg and two regular, all lumpy and fleshy, nicely cooked, no rawness at all. Definitely worth ordering.


This was accompanied with 2 Nestle raita and two Salan gravies. Salan had the right tangy flavor and suited the biryani.

°Murgh masala with Malabar parantha°

Very succulent home style chicken gravy dish, right in spices and my favorite from their side. Quantity however could have been more as it wasn’t sufficient for two people. Malabar parantha were oily but easily breakable and not chewy, had a mild flavor of their own. They complimented the curry well.

°Mutton Shikampur°

A mutton based tikki blended with spiced yogurt and onion, something different from regular starters, very soft and juicy and delicious. Accompanied with onion,lemon and chilli.

°Khubani ka meetha°


Khubani fruit, that is , dried apricots were used in a sweet stew and topped with fresh cream. Interesting desert, never seen or heard before. Can be tried, might appeal selective taste buds.

Place is economical and worth the quoted price. Packaging is decent, loved the handi with ‘biryani blues’ inscribed. They have a loyalty program in place which they clearly mention on boxes they send. Delivery was on time and restaurant staff on call was well spoken.

Author – VY

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