Kopper Kadai is a truly delightful North indian cuisine restaurant, specialising in mughlai and Punjabi dishes with a special quirky Delhi touch in their dishes and menu. Me being a delhiite was overwhelmed to see their menu, the food taste and preparation.

Thanks to Kopper Kadai for giving me the ‘home style’ chicken curry taste.


Ambience was good and mostly elite regular kind. Seating was mostly couch based. Group seating was the major focus as it was more of a family dining place with serene slow music playing in the background. Regular chair based seating is also available with cushion base. Seating is ample and hardly would anyone notice waiting there. The drinking glasses were copper based and chutneys with papad were kept on each table on a beautiful tree like stand. Small kadai were filled with chutney, very pretty to look at. The ceiling had copper spoons hanging and classic ceiling architecture. Walls also have different elegant designs. The place over all has a golden tinge and renders a fine dining experience.



°Mango Lassi°


The mango lassi served in a small milk-container shaped glass over a miniature truck, called lassi on the rocks, was splendid. Great mango flavor in nicely consistent lassi. Loved it.



LPG however was average, it had too much of masala/spices inside it which made it a poor try, rest it mostly had a khatta meetha flavor.

°Chicken tikka°


For starters , we had chicken tikka served beautifully on a long vertical seekh. It tasted great and pieces were soft and tender, not very juicy but good to try.

°Dahi ke seekh°


Dahi ke seekh were also good. Were presented on a rice base and tasted very sober, could have been better and more spicy.
The green and red sauces served alongside were prepared well.


Finally the main course was the limelight for me.

°Cooker Mei kukkad°


Called cooker mei kukkad, chicken curry was served in a steel cooker, pressure of which was released in front of us by the waiter. He served the extremely thin and rightly spiced delicious gravy with overall four chicken boned pieces. It had the preparation heat and the impeccable taste one expects from chicken curry.


The paranthas were soft and delicious as well.



All this came out to be roughly 1800 bucks which is good and affordable. Service was excellent. The waiters suggested us, enquired about the taste of the food, got out of the way when we were clicking pics of food and were always available at our dispense. Small feedback, give bowls with the curry dish always, they arrived pretty late to us when we requested for it.  Overall a great place, worth visiting.


Author – VY

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