Barcelos is a newly opened eatery in DLF Place Saket. This particular mall has most of the elite restaurants from Delhi NCR and Barcelos Saket, one of the follow-up branch of the famous Khan Market barcelos, finally joins the league and serves us it’s signature Black and Red burgers along with other fusion dishes.


This is a beautiful place with cushion chairs and couch seating, long tables for groups to couples and small groups. The couches have their own floral designs. Every seating is separated from others with grill separators attached to the rear of couch back supports, thus ensuring a personal space to you. The walls are painted at places while just left with their cemented touch at others. Christmas decor was in place when we visited. There are offbeat frames all around and scribblings on the walls, really good music on play and two tv screens for match screenings. It is located outside the food court, opposite to it’s entrance.


°LIIT and Sex on the Beach°

Started with long island iced tea and sex on the beach as boozy milk shakes weren’t available. LIIT was spiked very highly and not at all diluted , less coke and sugary flavor but full alcoholic taste, in all value for money cocktail and also priced very less. This is a must try as such a good real undiluted cocktail is priced so low @ 325 bucks.

Sex on the beach was fine, not very concentrated, a little dilute but overall good and less sugary. The right flavor was evident.

°4 mini chicken Burgers°

Coming to food, we ordered 4 mini chicken burgers to have a full glimpse of all Colors of burgers they serve. This platter was amazing, extremely delicious burgers and served with fries and a delectable sauce. It took at least 4 bites to finish off those particular size burgers so the dish was quite fulfilling. The fries had the unpeeled potato covering.

°Chicken Trinchando Sizzler°

Final order was chicken trinchando sizzler, something new for us. It was a disappointment overall as the chicken pieces were hard to cut, bite and chew, improperly boiled/ cooked and the veggies weren’t very pleasing. Serving a mug full of sauced juicy chicken chunks was a good idea and it was really tasty.


Service was really good, the place was empty on that afternoon, all the waiters were very attentive and courteous, kept asking us feedback for the food and conveying the same to their team. Costing is mixed, drinks are cheap while the food is very expensive. Overall expensive place, but worth a visit.


Author – VY

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