38 Barracks is one of the highest rated places in Connaught place and indeed lives up to the expectations. The name furnishes a very military feel and the restaurant truly justifies it through their ambience.

The GPS navigation however doesn’t land one to the right place, we had to call the restaurant who nicely guided us to the restaurant. They serve a global cuisine and have a very quirky menu. A quick search on Oriental , Western or Italian cuisine lands one to 38 Barracks on Zomato search window. We tried mostly indian and recommend this place as a must visit in CP.



While entering on a deserted Monday afternoon, the place was full empty, however it got it’s crowd by mid afternoon. It’s divided into two, ground and first floor. Ground was all dark and we couldn’t see a thing, went up and found ourselves a seating, there was however no one at the gate or restaurant entrance to guide us to our table. It’s obviously a matter of chance, still a feedback.



The walls were extensively laden with props and figures, wooden decor and displaying military touch and figurines. There were animals head figures mounted to walls, guns and barrels on walls , cannon models on shelves and books with military coverings everywhere. The theme wasn’t restricted to the Barracks name, there were frames and other visible sculptures as well. Seating was ample, however it did render a crowdy feel. Comfortable couches and chairs all made the 3 hours we spent there worth it. Good latest songs were played in the background.



°LIIT & Boston Beach°


LIIT and Boston Beach tea were our only drinks and they were sufficient to get this place its highest deserved rating. One of the best LIITs I have had after TGIF. Both the drinks were generously concentrated and not at all dilute, full of flavour and too much in quantity. We weren’t able to finish even till the last hour and yeah one cocktail was sufficient to get tipsy in their righteously quoted price.

°Veg Tandoori Kebab°

Veg tandoori kebab served by them is the most unusual looking piece of work. Such long length and soft and tender, this almost had one person fully satiated. However I found it little bland and less in spices.


°Chicken Duet Tikka°

Chicken Duet tikka was adequate in spices and good in taste, but sadly the chicken pieces weren’t tender enough. They were pretty hard to bite and kind of took away the right feel. However it was their first order of the day.

°Barracks Paneer & Dal Makhni°

Finally for main course, we ordered Barracks paneer, amazing it was. Typical north Indian wedding kind flavor paneer makhni and sober low on spices yet tasty daal makhni with not so tender yet good naan was a great dish we ordered.

Was served ecstatically in a two platform stand with papad and chutney served in a tiny glass. The chutney was light and good to taste. Overall it was all north indian/mughlai type ordered from our side. Hadn’t we been nearly full with starters, could have gone for burgers or heavy pizzas.


The service is good, ignoring the no entrance support and guidance to the table..the waiters were less in number but all very attentive. They were managing the faulty music system as well all the customers. Decent talks with them and as well as our requests to close the separation windows and lower the air-conditioning temperature were all heeded by them. Hence we didn’t mind dropping the service charge they levied. Cost is a worth it, though expensive as it’s a high-end restaurant, but all worth the dedicated way they prepared the meals. Will definitely visit again.

Author – VY


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