After a lot of confusion at what place to sit that serves indian along with regular Conti and Italian, supported by good ambience and pop music in the background, Pier 38 is what we landed to. It is located on the first floor, just below Raasta pub, has a very green and wooden ambience that makes one driven towards it.



We started with Bira white beer (2+1) which amounted to 700 Rs, 350 per drink. I will be pretty comprehensive on pricing as landing to this place was a pretty expensive affair.

Ordered regular LIIT and something from their side, fresh fruit LIIT. Both the drinks were 500 bucks each, not at all dilute and well made. The flavours were right and the fresh fruit LIIT, something new for me, was nice and sweet and we were able to munch on the fruits inside after drinking it. However for such a price I have had better LIITs with appreciable quantity, theirs being on lesser quantity side.

Virgin mojito was regular and at 250.


Started with non veg platter and veg platter.
Tandoori paneer tikka was amazing with a nice flavor from marination done accompanied with tandoori flavor. And the papad with chat sauces was splendid, something worth trying. Both the green sauces were made well.


Galouti kebab were excellent, so soft and melting in mouth kind, loved them. Chicken tandoori was again amazing relishing with great tandoori flavor rendered, malai tikka being just fine and not that tender to cut, so nothing extraordinary. Fish was delicious and prepared well. The veg platter was worth 900 and non veg one was 1000 Rs, both totally not worth it. The quantities were regular 2-4 pieces from only 4 varieties with items being good or fine, nothing extraordinary to take the price to such an extent.

°Kalmi kebab°


Kalmi kebab was delish , 4 succulent and tender chicken pieces, priced at 475 bucks, could have won my heart had there been more pieces, nevertheless had a strong masaledar flavor which made it the best dish for the evening.

°Dahi ke kebab°


Dahi ke kebab were soft and less oily, truly delicious, however would have preferred regular round tikki kind. This dish was still worth it, priced at 375 bucks, the plate had 7-8 pieces all yum.


Finally to try something off-track, we ordered Pides, or in regular terminology Turkish pizza.
Harissa chicken fetta pizza and veg Turkish pizza were Turkish styled regular tasting chicken and veg pizza. Nothing new in taste and with the flavor of a thin crust pizza. Both were priced right and had a lot of slices for a large group to enjoy.



The force a service charge of 10% , separate for liquor and separate for food, and an additional Service charge on liquor at 5%. We had to pay roughly 550 as service charge, apart from GST and VAT on liquor.
1100 extra to the already overpriced dishes made my amazing experience a little sour. Final bill was 7168 for 4 dishes and 4 drinks.


The ambience aptly pub like with a dedicated band stand, but no one to play on a Tuesday night. It had multiple variety of seating, elevated to regular, round table to rectangular one, bar counter seating, all with comfortable cushion. Hues of red, yellow , blue and green were evident at different corners of the palace and it had an overall wooden touch. The music being played was great.


The service was fine, always attentive to us, mostly because the place was empty. One downside incident was when we requested the waiter to replace the dahi kebab with a specific item on platter and reconfirmed with him, he brought along with the platter with the expected replacement but with another plate of dahi kebab, which later we didn’t refuse as the server asked us to talk to the other waiter we placed the order to, who couldn’t be found. So staff training is required here to make them more smart in dealing with customers. Otherwise the guys were kind and courteous.



Author – VY

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