Located next to big brand Toit, Banh mi and wok is a cozy homely looking well-lit QSR with serene green touch and digital ordering convenience. This is a pan Asian place serving limited delicacies from Thailand, China, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia.



The place has a more courtyard feel with wooden-glass panes wall separating the main dining area from ordering kiosk and kitchen area. The seating is for couples at the kiosk area and mostly groups of 4+ in the separated area, with wooden long benches and tables as well as colourful metallic chairs.



Ordering is through a touch screen interface which lists their menu, selection ability and payment options. SMS is sent post the placement of order which renders trackability of the placed order as well.

A very kung fu panda feel frame was put on the wall. What stands out is the exhibit of the name against a green leafy background, very mesmerizing to look at.



Banh mi and wok is a non alcoholic place serving pan Asian food, not just regular Chinese. For beverages we had Vietnamese iced tea which had little or no sweetness, vanilla shake which was outstanding and more delectable in terms of sweetness. Tiramisu shake and chocolate shake were fine, not very sweet and somewhere missing the usual strong tiramisu and chocolate taste, yet very sober and light to try. Except the iced tea, all the other drinks had tapioca balls.

The mojito was extremely refreshing and had crushed ice, lemon and mint all loaded inside a glass bottle.

°mixed mushroom and glass noodles salad°

Started with mixed mushroom and glass noodles salad, extremely good. The noodles were something new for me and had typical flavor, full of yellow bell pepper and coriander and two kinds mushroom were in abundance, also as told by the head chef, were all imported.

°Sweet chilli lotus stem°

Sweet chilli lotus stem was an over-the-top dish, must recommended. As informed, the lotus stem are imported from Kashmir, the dish is very crispy and served in good quantity.

°Potato wedges°

Potato wedges with chilli and curry leaves was an okay dish, more towards juicy and soggy side and less towards crispy.

°Crispy shredded lamb°

Crispy shredded lamb was a unique try, extremely thin lamb strips, very crispy with a cumin flavor touch, however the lamb chewiness wasnt rendered well. However a good finger snack to try.

°stir fried prawns°

Stir fried prawns were very crispy and delectable in taste.

°Viet Banh mi°

Tried sloppy Viet banh mi, was a lamb delicacy with red curry paste and hot basil touch inside buns with the stuffing. It was overload with veggies and a worth trying dish. Somewhere the excess veggies did hide the curry and basil touch.

°Supreme King Bao°

Supreme king bao was really good, made from imported flour and extremely soft, stuffed with fried yet soft and tender chicken and veggies , this is a must try. Garlic mayo sauce did the wonders here.

°Philippine style chicken curry°

Finally to the main course, Philippine styled chicken curry was my ultimate favorite. Extremely delicious sour and spicy gravy over minced chicken served with rice, this dish is a must try.

°Saigon chicken°

Saigon chicken with noodles was a good dish, the chilli bean sauce flavor was something new and different, the noodles were however bland and hence let us relish the chilli bean sauce flavor.

°Tab Tim krob jar°

Finally the desert, the tab tim krob jar, most outstanding end to a dinner with a combination of sweet cream and water grapefruit, a fruit rarely known and rarely available. Thank you so much for providing this in the menu, recalled childhood memories when I used to have this fruit in home city Delhi.

The place is extremely affordable, rather the items seem underpriced.
Service is good, management is alert and courteous, Kind gestures from the staff and suggestions on what to order is all what makes this place excel. A must visit place.

Author – VY

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