I have visited Treat uncountable number of times by now for decent lunch and it has become a common place for my regular Saturday brunch, located opposite to unique brew, slightly below the level road, this tiny restaurant is one good place to try specialising in North indian and mughlai cuisine, and offers those rare to find gold dishes in south, like Raara chicken, Pindi chole and sarson da saag among many.


°Boondi Raita°




Raita, we loved it, thick curd full of Boondi and spiced rightly.

°Daal makhni°


Daal makhni was fine, had right consistency and creamy, but nothing exceptional in taste. Could have been more spicy.

°Paneer makhni°


Paneer makhni on the other hand was delicious and buttery, had regular light sweetness and find number of paneer crumbs.





Roti was crisp and good and romali decent. Missi roti was very heavy and one enough to satiate.

°Tandoori Bharwan aloo°



Very delicious, very soft and with a delicious paneer and veggie filling in between.

°Subz seekh kebab°


Subz seekh kebab was fine, loaded with lots of evident veggies, but ordinary in taste, little towards bland side. Could be more spicy.

°Reshmi kebab°


So this was Malai tikka covered with egg white. The chunks were good soft and tender and had mild spiciness, good taste. However the egg white covering was not good, had some brownish color and more like thin layer dropped on tikkas as compared to white soft foamy layer as expected. So kind of let down.

°chicken tikka°



Delicious small chunks of boneless chicken tikkas were served with onion and lemon. Tandoori flavor was well rendered and the pieces were soft to bite and chew.

°Raada chicken°


Raada chicken was amazing, very succulent and soft, full of minced chicken with big pieces in fine number and sober in taste, not over spicy.

°Lajawab arbi°


Lajawab arbi wasnt that lajawab, little tight and hard to cut/bite and masala flavor wasn’t really engrossed in to depths of the arbi making it bland while chewing.
Missi roti also we tried, was thick and heavy to eat after all we had already eaten, however tasted good.

°Malai Kofta°


Malai kofta was the best, with a tinge of sweetness and rich cashew gravy, this is one dish I would highly recommend from Treat.

°Saagwala Paneer°


Light sober palak gravy, not very spicy but with a very succulent and mild flavor, I really liked this dish. The paneer cubes were decent in number and very soft.

°moong dal ka halwa°


A big let down due to so less quantity at 110 bucks. But anyway the halwa was more dry, ghee flavor was well evident and sweetness was apt, not over sweet. Was topped with crushed dry fruits.

Home delivery comes in a very large box nicely packed and showing their wall painting on the box cover. Decently packed and not very difficult to rip the plastic sheet, delicious and fresh cooked dishes inside, delivery from this joint is a delight in itself.






The place is actually two roomed, with two arched doorways. One mainly has group seating for 4 while other primarily for large family groups. Has two air-conditioners and some fans around. Seating is very comfortable with couches and cushion chairs. Marble top tables are present.
Wall graffiti shows typical Punjabi scene with dhaba, food and thandai stalls, street circus scenes and a pleasing old India feel. Also are put on walls frames showing old Indian actresses, singers and movie glimpses.


Service is excellent, the dishes reach the table in fine time. The waiters were courteous, always next to you and waiting to serve you themselves. They suggest well and have knowledge of what is being served. However I always found the air-conditioning a bit low and needs to be checked. Also we found the owner available at the place both times we visited. Every time the costing was around 600-800 bucks only for two people.The place is overall great and definitely worth a visit.


Author – VY

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