Fava, located in UB city mall, is by far one of the best looking places in Bangalore. This place is the first to come in sight as one enters the Terrace area of UB city, right across the fountain. Strategically located, Fava overlooks the open air theatre area as stair seating commences from it. Highly crowded even on late Sunday nights, reservation is must, as we

had to wait for more than half an hour to get a table.

Fava specializes in Mediterranean cuisine and is known to organize day specific events like women’s day among other festivals.



So the first look to Fava gave me a sense of a big house with a huge beautifully crafted hallway, a balcony seating outside at the very threshold and an open air seating with lamp posts lighting it. Fava’s open air seating overlooks the main UB City building and is a delight to sit there and have your drink.


The hallway seating is immense. A cyan tinge is what I recall from its first look. Cyan coloured window glass doors are topped with green plants on top, uncountable number of photo frames in three rows further atop and finally the ceiling lit by very interesting polygonal shaped lighting fixtures. Seating is expansive, from families to whole big corporate groupings. Interior seating is mostly with cushions or couch based.






Balcony seating has a disco lighting, elevated seating as well as regular seating for groups, a bar counter and sadly no waiting area or seating for people in waiting. We had to roam outside and sit elsewhere while they could have arranged chairs near bar counter for us to enjoy drink while we waited. Grassy touch was good to the whole balcony ambience.




Finally open air seating was luxurious thanks to the aura of the vicinity and place, but disappointing due to the seating, as out of all chairs, only two had back support cushions and we got none. Our backs were being bothered by the hard metal touch of the seating and hence a total let down. Beautiful candle light in a jar was available, however we had to request to light it up. Even more disappointing was corner located lamp posts, which provided no proper light to read menus, and people had to resort to flashlights to read the menus.


°miami iced tea°


Served without the nitrogen flux, we had to ask them to serve with nitrogen fumes as it was supposed to be, this drink was highly concentrated and spiked good with Smirnoff, rum and gin. Cranberry rendered the major flavor and color.

°mango guava rosemary smoothie°


Mango gave the color and guava ruled the taste, other flavors were mostly non evident and hence it turned out to be a regular fruit smoothie.

°Poorna farm chicken Al Ajilo°

Delicious non spicy and little chewy chicken chunks glazed in an oily sauce and having a crunchy touch in the first bite, this starter is good to order, however nothing too amazing. It is served with veggies and the most delicious garlic bread I have tried in a long time, so crispy the sound of biting could be heard by your next neighboring table.

°baked mini gozleme pies°

This is a great vegetarian fried starter with crispy covering and light mashed stuffing made from Swiss chard and ricotta cheese. It is accompanied with garlic dip and veggies. Around 6 pieces are served.

°signature pomegranate chicken°




The most recommended item here, this main course meal is truly divine and the main reason for whatever extra brownie points this place has earned from my side. 4 tender chicken layer rolls stuffed in between with a delicious soft melting in mouth stuffing is the best combo they could serve. Very succulent and a must order. Along with it a mix of mushroom, minced chicken and potato is also served with pomegranate on top. All the chicken pieces were laced with bitter chocolate sauce, something unique and something good.

°pizza bianco°

Rather disappointing and bland. Basil flavor was evident but it still failed to soothe my taste buds. Rightly cheesy with soft inner crispy outer crust, this pizza was prepared well however.



Cost is towards medium higher side, however worth it for the taste and preparation. Service is poor, couldn’t see staff for long times as they are busy in balcony seating or hall one. And whenever any waiter arrives, he tends to ignore mostly as we felt, probably overworked. Increase staff please.

Author – VY

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